The age of unfinished relationship

one or two months ago, with an online English training site friends, his website has the contents of the original team is very strong, a lot of training or Flash to the original video content, he asked me whether I should take these valuable content set for only the login user can see. I understand that this is a very natural idea, but now the Internet is no longer the era of content is king, the content has been difficult is a site of the core competitiveness, we should not only restrict the dissemination of content, but should be encouraged to spread content.

in the early development of the Internet, or in the Web1.0 era, the network content is not rich, especially valuable content is deficient, this content can become a magic weapon for winning website, get the premise of reasonable protection under copyright, can attract users to your site to the valuable content. With the great richness of network content, especially with the large amount of UGC content (including valuable content), the status of content in the network is gradually reduced. In addition to a small number of business areas, it has been difficult to rely on content to achieve the competitive advantage of the website. On the contrary, the lack of attention in this era, you should encourage foreign dissemination own these valuable content, let your target readers can more easily pay attention to your content, Youtube reference outside the station playing success has proved this point, you can also understand why those foreign traditional media a website to open the read permissions and add button on and Digg on the website, encourage everyone to share.

so when you give up the right to control the content of consumption, your focus should be on what is the relationship?! as long as the social networking users remain under their own control, the other is to open, so when Facebook launched Facebook Connect, it does not have to worry about your social activities it extends to other sites, and not just in Facebook, because your social relationship is always stored in Facebook, more third party websites which support Facebook Connect, you rely on it may be greater, the more you cannot do without Facebook.

‘s position on the control of the user’s social relationship is so important that it won’t be Facebook alone, so there’s Google, Friend, Connect, and Myspace and Yahoo, too. Last week, the formal launch of Google, Friend, Connect, and Facebook Connect attracted a lot of attention. Google Friend Connect, because it is convenient, many Chinese blog have added this small and micro pieces. However, because Google itself does not have very strong social networking products, so in these Blog, the current main >

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