Ten misunderstandings and alternatives of website analysis three


website analysis is still new, so there may be many deviations from our understanding of her. This article summarizes a variety of easily found misconceptions about web analytics in my work. This is the second part, which will go into more detail. In the first part, please find the ten major mistakes and alternate parts of website analysis. (second) see the ten major mistakes and alternates of website analysis (two).


wrote the last article in this series in May 1st, and now it’s August 1st, and time passes so quickly.

in fact, in the first two sets, the ten major misunderstandings have been talked about. What we are going to talk about today is the candidate. The reason is called the candidate, because they are very controversial, I was still only dare to statements of a school, laugh. But there is no substitute for knowledge, and I hope to cause discussion and even debate to gain real insight and truth.

alternate error 1: website analysis has standard benchmark

this is a place where there is widespread misunderstanding. We often discuss bounce rate and discuss time on site, so many friends will ask: "


, my website bounce rate is 60%, OK? Or, average time on site is 5 minutes, OK?


, these are actually questions that I can’t answer, because web analytics does not have a standard benchmark for these critical metrics. I can only say that bounce rate 60% is not the worst thing I’ve ever seen or is the best, so it is 5 minutes of the time on site, but as for what is good, only a few isolated the data itself is unable to answer.

why website analysis does not have standard benchmark is because the difference between websites and websites is too great. First of all, the audience / traffic source of the website is different; secondly, the function of the website is different; again, the content of the website design is different; finally, the website is different from the old and new……

so there is no standard benchmark for website analysis. For example, you can’t say bounce rate is better than 60%, and above 60% is bad.

now, you’ll ask a better question:


is one of the industry segments, or the audience is the coincidence of the website, can not compare these bounce rate time on, such as site, PV/V, and other basic indicators of visitor loyalty? For example, Sina and Sohu, potatoes and cool 6, Jingdong mall and Newegg, they can compare these 22 indicators


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