Novice webmaster should learn from the rapid growth

After the theme of

website is decided, want to draw lessons from ceaselessly.

to find some of the same type of Web site from search engines, people see how category, how to arrange the layout, how to do publicity, and how to do the optimization? Where people do well, where do not good? How do you do this, can do better? Like work, also want to diligent in thinking, not to think of the words…….

, while addressing these issues, your station is growing.

finally, the website is up to a certain size. Congratulations. You can sit down and have a cup of coffee. After reaching a certain scale, we should begin to draw lessons from it vertically. At this point, don’t limit yourself to the same type of Web site. Open your eyes. Find several websites that are higher than you, and so on. For example, your website is ranked fifty thousand at this time, and IP is around 5000 per day. Then you can find two or three stations that rank twenty thousand or thirty thousand, IP, eight thousand or nine thousand, and ten thousand. Focus on website optimization and update, find a few keywords in the search engine, a careful analysis of their website, see update frequency, see the source file, see optimization, compared with your website, and think in your mind, why people do not do that, but do have? What benefits? Much contrast, learn to set myself a goal, how long reach and surpass him? Imagine your station, through your efforts, in a period of time, rushed over his station, is not a happy smile? Well, it began to action.

‘s growing web site condenses your efforts. Fortunately, the effort is not intentional, your station is close to the initial goal. IP how many, how many rankings, reward yourself, relax and relax. Next, the site began to consider profit, pay no gain as busy a year which makes the farmer, will make people feel depressed. In addition to contacting you and advertisers who want to advertise on your site, advertising League is also a good choice. So how to choose a good advertising alliance, also learn from other people’s Web site?. See people put a union advertising efforts to put much? And then search on the Internet, how to look at the credibility of the league, the website put many? After analyzing, we can determine. Last year’s 3721163, for example, gad.

at this point, you are already a strict webmaster, and how to consider bigger and stronger.

now talk to webmaster. Often novice complain, stationmaster net is reservoir, stationmaster net bully new person, stationmaster net already did not have the place that can study.

ha ha, my view, an image of the metaphor, the webmaster network is deep, bottomless wells. What do you mean by reference? The depth of your eyes. At the height you can’t see, there are also the essence of interception, but you can’t see it, or you can’t see it. Take station >

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