Ten experiences of a failed stationmaster for four years

the time I wrote my entire four years experience of the site, which on some of the experience of my own, but would rather call for lessons. As a result of their own dishes, the following points, but also just suitable for some of the friends who just built it. If it is a veteran, I think we can not see.

, if you are not on site family, that will look, see bearish, secondary, daily or weekly update time can see, rather than keep every day recently in front of this damn computer.

two, life and the network can not shoulder to shoulder, first make your own choice, and then do the website. That is to say, your future life is in reality or in the network?.

three, before my website revision, but in order not to lose the former members and the amount of visits, it desperately to do the steering, I think that is because of this, Baidu put me K. That’s why the site’s weight is so low right now. Google has been kind to me until now. Here, there is an experience out: before you do web site, want to good site positioning, want to be good site needs procedures, set up the web site column, announced that the website was established after the official, do not easily large-scale change. Otherwise the consequences will be serious.

four, I used to do a FLASH widely circulated, I am confident to say, look at the article you, if age and I almost big, should probably have seen. I added my website link at flash: http://s.www.dl201.com. So it’s also an experience, something that will be available to visitors, and this is the iron rule, and you’ll be able to get it back when you make a contribution. Just like my text, if I contribute a little bit to you, I’ll get back, because you’re likely to click on the link in this text.

five, for a really want to do web site people, give up free space. This is one of my experiences. If you can’t afford the space, I advise you to wait. Be sure to remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you enjoy it without paying it, it will probably be more expensive. A few years ago, I was on the cheap, with other people’s free space. Finally, one day, I was reading in the library. A net friend told me that the website couldn’t get in. Finished, everything seems to be late, the site data was deleted. Since then, the site has been devastated until now.

six, the site must remember to backup data, down to your own machine, regular backup, using CD or something.

seven, I just want to tell my readers: don’t throw too much time into a hobby, and get back to reality. There are many other things in reality. Those website construction lovers, if you are my kind of webmaster, I hope my this proposal, you can listen to go on. I swear I’m not lying.

eight, and now I’m on my Roman web site,  . Www.dl201.>

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