Talk about a SEOER often encountered difficulties

the network team a few days ago held activities, the author found that established one or two years ago SEO QQ group activities group members rarely do they have in a muffled fortune? The final investigation was informed that they a lot of transformation or change. This reminds me of the difficulties I often encounter when I am doing promotions with my friends and writers.

1, technical level

a few years ago I also love to ask predecessors, do SEO need to grasp what technology? Then the predecessors diligently answer, need to master the search engine principle, PS, DW, HTML, div+css, JS, PHP commonly used functions and grammar and basic knowledge of MYSQL. In addition, even writing, data analysis, familiar with the one or two source program, will toss bidding or network etc.. The author has been misled by this sentence for more than 1 years.

a grass root webmaster or bottom promotion staff, in the process of growth, will generally encounter the following technical bottlenecks.

1, nonprofessional

such as the author of this halfway promotion personnel, the beginning of promotion, will only write the article hair chain. When one day your girlfriend asks you about the details of your job, what do you say,


nonprofessional SEOER, three months after the general will meet do not understand the program, not the bottleneck P simple graph. Learn ASP or PHP and strive for progress with determination, from simple HTML. Then, for 1 years, you’ll fall into the trap of learning the program.


is the ability of log analysis. If the same analysis log, it is mainly to see what spider crawling pages, and some people analyze the spider’s antecedents, Ip and forecast site changes in various types of SEO data, such as snapshots, included and drop the right. Some people use logs to analyze the user’s attributes. Small web site log analysis is simple, and even do not log analysis, large and medium-sized site log is one of its core secrets, and some sites even have a dedicated log analysis team.

when you can write some articles, modify simple code, and also have the basic ability of log analysis, you suddenly find that there are many technical factors that require you to study. Such as how to increase the rate of large-scale websites, improve the overall flow of the site and so on.

2, an

has the program background promotion personnel, nothing more than is in the procedure has the superiority, its development also meets the different bottleneck.

summed up: technology is a bottomless pit, promotion is important to master enough technical knowledge. The year in science and technology at the crossroads, please don’t forget the original goal. Promotion is to bring profits to the company, and work out is to improve the quality of life.

two, thinking hierarchy,

when one day you successfully optimize a few websites, and then disdain to say, the original website optimization is the article and the chain

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