Analysis of brand promotion of video sharing websites

wrote a "video sharing network status ALEXA data analysis" today, continue to share with you, their video site brand promotion and SEO data analysis. Writing this is only personal interest, we can only refer to it.

      first: talk about ALEXA ranking, TO6 video sharing station brand promotion.

legend 1: (Baidu index of video website brand)


I took 6 video sites, respectively, in Baidu search, the highest index of 3 words.

, in which the single word is the potato web keyword, has 215495 in April 4th. But Youku, in second and third high key words, is far more than Tudou’s second. Third keywords. Therefore, the combination of 3 words together, the highest Baidu index is Youku, so if you look at the Baidu index, now Youku is the highest. That is, branding is best done. In addition, I would like to do a more detailed analysis with you.

1: why Youku and potatoes and other video stations Baidu index can be so high?.

There are many kinds of

a website to promote the brand, but the traditional Internet Co brand promotion and more rely on online advertising, or event hype, large-scale cooperation activities or to do online and offline. But the video sharing websites are not the same, the Youku video station and so on, in a short period of 1-2 years, can make so many people every day in the Baidu search keywords, website name rushed to the popular Baidu billboard TOP10, even more than many years as a veteran of the site brand promotion. This is mainly due to the unique nature of video sharing. Possible video sites in the early stages of their own users are not many. But a large number of commercial and personal web sites, or Laoniao level of Internet users. Videos of these video sharing sites are reproduced in every corner of the internet. Because reproduced on the video are still carrying these original video station brand watermark. The bigger the content, the faster the rate of large video sharing sites, the higher the chances of being reprinted. There are so many people who help advertise these video station website brands. Naturally, created Youku and potatoes, these video today so high Baidu index, so high brand effect.

2: why is the same as what is called XX net, potatoes are the highest key potato network, and Youku is Youku, and I le network, is the word 56.

I was thinking about it when I got home by bus today. Then I suddenly thought of the reason why I didn’t transfer the watermark words on the video. Sure enough, when I got home, I took a closer look at Youku and Tudou, as well as videos of my happy network. Potatoes on the video, is printed on the "potato network", Youku Video printed on "Youku" two words. My music net is printed, Through this >

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