n the face of crisis how should the forum choose foreign host purchasing

the Internet crisis is more and more big, the most let the webmaster is injured is legitimate business forum has also been a lot of space taking out the door, just like a stay at home to the situation. Unfortunately, my main station is the forum, and believe that many webmaster, to the forum as the main core, then the use of web application set polymerization form a content rich website to complement each other, but in the face of such a situation, really have to forum for the posterior early to do, in order to avoid further the loss. In the face of more and more severe domestic situation, foreign host business has become the primary goal of many grassroots webmaster. I personally is how to choose the foreign host, especially in the English level is not high enough, may need to find how to choose purchasing webmaster friends host, to share my personal experience, I hope to do the forum to choose foreign host webmaster friends help.

because my English is limited, also do not want to because of the disadvantages and problems in the website to host business with foreign customer entanglement, may not understand, people have been consumed a lot of energy, the key is also difficult to quickly solve the problem, so the choice of reasonable and reliable foreign host is after I repeated purchasing consider the choice.

but I’m not here, so I can’t tell you which to choose a purchasing, just talk about my selection experience, so they can help you avoid fraud or dishonest purchasing, to their station to find a safe and reliable harbor. First of all, in the selection of foreign host purchasing, need to fully examine how you find purchasing the credibility and strength of the concrete study from the Baidu search for their name can add keywords such as "liar" or "junk", this is not a curse purchasing, but to as much as possible to reliably detect a purchasing reputation. In addition, the effects of purchasing site is enough scale, operation is long enough, it can be combined with the purchasing forum to examine the general purchasing power point will open the website and forum for everyone to view different foreign host information and online feedback communication, help solve the problem, so you can investigate its website especially the forum which other members discussed whether the atmosphere is strong, raises the question of whether or not been timely solve, do some promotion and purchasing information indicating whether or not detailed enough, whether a look that is a great deal of thought out carefully, rather than copy and paste the perfunctory goods.

second, after searching and purchasing website or forum for the first step of the investigation, do not rush to sell, and to take the time to learn more in the forum, especially to see compliance with the requirements of your host, to see other members in the layout of the discussion, see you the problem is reflected, and the question of whether can let you take another look at these problems, put forward, whether purchasing timely answer and other member satisfaction etc..

finally, after you have found the relevant favorite host, the next step is to add purchasing customer service QQ for further >!

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