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when I entered the University, I haven’t thought about what to do in the future, but it’s just an enviable work unit or a gold plated student studying abroad after graduation. So I began to take an examination of G early in order to learn English well and prepare for going abroad or entering a foreign enterprise.


but Yu Minhong changed my life.

Because the

for the GRE exam. I attended the new training courses, commencement ceremony, in order to inspire people to pro forma, let us never give up, Yu Minhong tells us how to choose schools and professional abroad, working and living abroad, and set up their own New Oriental experience. It made me even more aware that American loans, buying a house, health insurance and glass ceiling also made me aware of the importance of networking and cultural differences. The speech not only failed to arouse my enthusiasm for going abroad, but also made me understand that studying abroad or even working in a foreign enterprise was not the life I wanted. In the motherland of this economic prosperity, rapid development of land, and strive to seize China’s economic take-off to bring us opportunities, like Yu Minhong to create their own cause, is what I really want to dream!


then, being an entrepreneur, doing something socially meaningful, creating wealth, and helping more people, becomes my goal. Yu Minhong in the business carrying their own paste small ads, can endure kuaxiazhiru the dots is also deeply imprinted in my mind, I have been inspired.

in college, I took the course of business management, and began to work part-time and work outside the community, social practice career, began to gradually accumulate social experience, looking for a career belonging to me. During this time I worked as a tutor, tour guide, translation, English teacher, computer teachers, customs declaration, promotion, market researcher, newspaper editor, lawyer part-time, to general manager of Itochu Corporation did Chinese teachers. These experiences have broadened my horizon, understood all walks of life, and understood the basic requirements of the profession. I have learned how to apply my knowledge earlier, and have seen my own gap and direction in the future.

accumulation is wealth,

we have a dream, and we want to start our own business. It’s a good thing, but it’s not always the best choice to have a warm and busy start. Instead, we can work in a big business and learn more about business, management, economics and so on. It may save time for people on the road, so we can avoid detours. Any place can accumulate experience of life, accumulation is wealth, as long as we attentively, we work hard, where there will be harvest.

University part-time and internship I found that you have lots of things to learn, should do their own thing after accumulated certain experience, should not put their waste of time and experience being explored, so after graduation I first enter >

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