Gmail was too disappointed to make too many mistakes

when you open the mailbox when a station, billing, and other service porn spam has filled your mailbox when slow, when you are in a heap of spam in hard to find a friend sent mail, when you open the mailbox click on an email will prompt you to mail drops, landing again will not be able to access the when you are not disappointed to this mailbox? This is known as the technology known as the world’s largest search engine Google’s mailbox, Gmail

let me down!Since the launch of Gmail service in 2004,

has attracted many users because of its convenient operation and powerful instant messaging function. However, as time goes on, Gmail has more and more problems with Google.

last December, the media pointed out that Gmail has been the existence of XSS security vulnerabilities, may lead to the parties unknowingly registered data was modified, mail, data and other theft phenomenon. British designer David Airey has lost the site’s domain name because of the vulnerability, resulting in no small losses.

same month, Google error will be part of the user’s Gmail mailbox closed, resulting in users can not log in, when its alleged engineers have been repaired, there are still some users are not online, you can not receive mail.

, according to foreign media reports, in February of this year, the proportion of spam from Google’s Gmail mailbox doubled last month. According to MessageLabs, an email security company, the spammers are still successful in bypassing Google’s CAPTCHA authentication program to prevent malicious registration of Gmail mailboxes. The data provided by MessageLabs showed that in the case of spam in Gmail mail, the share of all spam increased to 2.6% in February, compared with 13% last month. The numbers challenge the reliability of the CAPTCHA verification program, the "Turing test" that automatically distinguishes computers and humans.

in March 6th, I opened the Gmail looking for a friend sent a very important message, the results were dazzled by the spam get dizzy, one of only more than 80 letters there are nearly 70 spam. It was not easy to find the letter sent by a friend. The result was clicked to open, prompting the network to be disconnected". So killing viruses, check routers, busy, I was a big guy, and finally found that in fact there is no drop line, but not even Gmail server. Repeated landings still exist and are forced to call and ask friends to send messages to other mailboxes. Second days, the company has been a long time, landing on the Gmail interface, open new mail still prompts off. Until a week later, the phenomenon still exists, spam still exists every day.

Gmail really let me down,


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