Also some understanding of free space quotient

talking about free space, I think most webmaster should use it. Domestic free space is very much, like free, 5944, etc., these stations provide different standards of service, users are different, and thus also issued a different voice. No matter what is ultimately free will not have so loudly!

free, as free space is that you can not get money spend on others can get the service! Said the free space is a service and I think that everyone who would deny! Appeared free space to allow more grassroots novice and do not want to spend money there to show their chance of the site, many problems have been found in the process of using free in space. Users will judge some space for good or bad. In this way, on the one hand, it can help some unwitting users to choose the space providers correctly, and the other side can make the space to face up to some problems mentioned by the users and improve the service quality.

in fact, I am also sympathetic to the free space provider, offering free space to attract more users from free signage. The user application more natural on the number of servers and higher requirements, simply large server maintenance costs come from? Offer service for free space business but also to continue to survive, some users to a space advertisement or other what, feel overwhelmed by abuse and insult behavior, sometimes I also think that things should be free with others sometimes empathy problem. In particular, how many space agents have been seized in the 08 year Olympic Games, and the difficulty of managing them can be seen. In the face of free space management, who knows, as long as a station has problems, implicated is the entire server! Perhaps some people will say that the illegal station is not deleted. Say so, when you find out, just want to deal with, I want to net police speed is not slower than you, who is this bitter


himself is also free to use the space to come, but also personally experienced some of the cruelty of free space, here also do not talk about how specific cruelty. The spirit of tolerance and understanding attitude! Why, simply because they are provided free of charge to me a lot of opportunities to practice, and do not say what the place is not good, mainly is that I had a novice personally witnessed the entire process of learning.

right now, I’m still using free space. It’s a free 2G space. However, the use of 2G free space, or the site has certain conditions, that is, you need to have some of the site traffic, rather than an arbitrary site, you can apply for success. Yes, because my website was in line with the conditions put forward by the portal. Now used well, and by the way to introduce the "portal through" products.

probably everyone knows "Tiger wing", the "gateway" is "Tiger wing" a product of its banner. "Door through" product service slogan is 2G free space, fully support the owners of entrepreneurship. And gateway products with advanced technology level, break through the performance bottleneck of single server

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