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usually we are in the webmaster group, it seems that someone sent such a message, "now do what site is good, do what website to make money", and so on similar news. Yes, what do we do now? What kind of station can make it easier for us to collect our money? I believe this problem. Every webmaster wants to know. Including me, I also want to know, of course, even if you know, not everyone will succeed. Here to share my choice of two industry station

I, hotel industry,

chooses this industry to consider a lot of time, the hotel hotel that the whole nation makes is very good, also carry Cheng, art dragon, where to go a dozen. These websites do all of the hotels in the country, while my www.xzlvke.com is just a local hotel in Xuzhou that narrows the scope and makes it easy to get resources. If such a website is nationwide, there is no investment in some funds, it is difficult to see the results. To narrow the scope is not the same, the funds do not like Ctrip, eLong, and so they have to support a large number of funds, reducing the cost of capital investment.

localization advantages: local, local or local resources are more or less understood. You can put a lot of energy into the local hotel, not as fragmented as the whole country. The cost of staff wages has also declined.

two, wedding photography industry


studio is where the young people now go before they walk through the red carpet.

search in Baidu, the wedding will come out 100000000 million data, indicating that the industry in life heat is not general. And I choose wedding photography, wedding industry is also a relatively popular small class. Take the industry downsizing, concentrate on a small species, can gradually expand. Why would you choose wedding photography industry, where the industry site also did not imagine the good to do, in Baidu wedding, wedding photography, we will know, many studio promotion is very crazy. It was also "violence" two words temptation, ha ha. Many people see studio as a violent industry. That’s what I think. Therefore, the final choice to do the Xuzhou wedding photography network.

choose a good industry like doing business to open the store, although the market has a lot of the same industry and your competitors, as long as your novel enough, creative enough, in this market, you have a place to live in; there is plus sixty percent of your efforts, the complicated things simple. Determine your direction now is not too late, let us work together, success is tomorrow.

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