50 days site record serial sixth days about Baidu included

Ps: seriously look at the statistics, in February 13th, there are IP from Baidu, and accurately, the site was included in the fourth day Baidu.

this morning, yesterday’s data analysis, we found that there are several sources of IP is Baidu over, get a look, it is through the "name of Avatar" this a few key words over, then open the Baidu site: www.qinglvai.com, the original site of the day before yesterday has been Baidu included (snapshot of the time is February 12th). Although only the website home page was included, but still very happy, this is a better signal, the beginning is expected about 2 weeks time was Baidu included, only 4 days included, very happy. Well, today and we simply talk about Baidu included problems.


and Google to the attitude of the railway station is not the same, the webmaster should be more clear, Google included faster, many Baidu generally slower than Google, although the "I love lovers" website Baidu included faster, but also slower than Google, "lovers love" the website for second days was Google and SOSO included. I don’t know why this website was collected by Baidu so fast. My station was usually two weeks ago.

, here’s my experience and understanding of Baidu included:

The content of

1. website is very important, must insist to be updated everyday to the website, so spider comes often can climb to your website.

The topic of

2. website is more specific. Don’t be a big and full website, and if it’s small and exquisite, my website "lovers love" is a couple, and the theme is very clear.

3. do some outside chain. I have some other stations in my hand, so I’ll use the previous station to take the new station. Many go to some websites to publish their new web site, increase the method of the chain has a lot of, I remember often in Webmaster nets read such articles, it seems that someone summed up 10 methods. General my method is very simple: a old station with new sites, B soft Wen promotion, C BBS signature, d buy some links. Web site at the beginning of time, although your keywords will have many, but should try to do the main one keyword, I do is "lovers net name"

4. for the website needs static, this I still not very clear, because I have the website is all ASP dynamic page, but ranked first in Baidu home page. If there is a big change after your site then use dynamic pages, so easy to change, if not change it is almost static, after all, so the user access speed will be faster, the server pressure is smaller.

5. about web content. Although you often need to add articles, but still do not collect, it is too dangerous to collect from the beginning. Even if we add it manually, we still need to

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