Eight mistakes in the daily operation of enterprise micro blog

Micro-blog, the

operating company, is actually running a newspaper. Corporate culture and internal employee work life. Micro-blog will also be flesh and blood, make people look like a "living" person, appropriate and timely output of corporate culture and values, will also be sought after by fans. In this article, lists the eight major mistakes micro-blog enterprises should avoid, and hopes to be helpful to the business owners.

error 1. Error in personnel arrangement

first of all, any micro-blog is involved in operating personnel, many companies think casually find a few people can, in fact, a big mistake.

first is the ability of the enterprise personnel, micro-blog’s operation, involving communication psychology, text, pictures and even the multimedia content editing, special and creative planning and other aspects of the ability, if looking for a casual, I think he in addition to plagiarism and copying, I can only send a notice of the enterprise.


personnel’s character, speaking in front of the technical level, I believe many people can understand, but many companies have ignored the staff’s personal character, think of an impulsive people, he in the face of online complaints, meet the competitor of his business to time, will not be angry the use of a red micro-blog? Say something, that’s funny.

political standpoint, that many companies are ignored, why this badge sword should emphasize this point? Because Chinese network at present about the dispute is very fierce, as micro-blog operating personnel of the enterprise, he can have his own political position and views, but he must not show on micro-blog in the enterprise.

error two, employee authentication error,

there are two cases, one is the boss or the main person in charge without certification, many business owners have said their love, do not love the spotlight, low-key, but business is that you, in a communication developed today, you give up means you have to deviate from the goal of making money, if you think about it. The advantage of rival micro-blog, their corporate image packaging well, you and your business suffer? Minimum premise, you learn HUAWEI, Ren Zhengfei does not come out, let Yu Chengdong come forward.

is a large enterprise, but also need to the person in charge of the enterprise, because the person in charge to show an attitude, especially a lot of people intent with the person in charge of the enterprise interaction, the sense of superiority, psychologically so that if the person in charge of the enterprise to fans in targeted interaction, can help enterprises save a large number of advertising. Look at Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi. Look at Ren Zhiqiang, Pan Shiyi, people sell as long as a few micro-blog.

, the other is, in turn, the general staff of the enterprise casually certified. You know, after all, certification demonstrates the relationship between enterprises, with this person no matter good or bad, will affect the enterprise, maybe you will say it is personal micro-blog, then an enterprise with independent individual micro-blog, engage in certification? Some time ago HUAWEI.

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