Analysis of some impact of net action on enterprise website optimization

, May is a brutal month, the climate has become hot, the Internet also with the Baidu web search quality white paper released a wave of drop power K climax.

ask, how many SEOER miserable?. To the author, the main project decoration enterprises to optimize the site has also been affected by its promotion.


This website main keywords

I do is bath design, although the keyword ranking is not very good, but the use of a large number of long tail words to do so more visitor loyalty, and a more accurate, UV every day can reach about 150. However, since May 12th, the site has been in the above state, all keywords ranking all.


preliminary analysis, have what problem in various aspects, including chain, chain, server, DNS, content, etc. all the chain is no problem, and ultimately can only be characterized as Baidu web search affects the quality of the white paper.

then looked for the company website

that made the same keyword and was well known in the line


is also ranked no, but after analysis, the conclusion is still the same.

therefore, to consider whether other web sites are the same, Baidu search bath design, found that the previous few pages there is no corporate website, and now there are industry stations and B2B and Baidu products. Then, in search of hotel design, the first few pages are still the world of enterprise websites. So I have some new ideas, no ranking site is down right, because the keywords instead of affecting the quality of the page, because the author in the article, try to be original or false original, Baidu, little is the goal I adapted.

the word "bath" has always been a "shielding" word. In some websites, bath and club are not the key words. In Lenovo’s recent net action, it is likely that bath and bath related keywords have been included in the net’s key thesaurus. Therefore, the author in order to verify, in Baidu, regardless of search any bath related keywords, in the first three pages will never appear enterprise website, so you can determine that the right down event is due to the influence of network action.

Design of the bath center

engineering decoration company is a major business, a lot of decoration enterprise website has been affected in this, so I suggest the webmaster, try to change the focus of future web site, and avoid bathing related keywords, do some other keyword ranking, for this period of time in the past before make a decision.

this article by Fu Hong decoration first A5, this article thought only represents individual, aims at the decoration enterprise website webmaster some suggestions and the mentality, when reprinted, please indicate the source:

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