Let the pseudo original come more fierce

a few days ago, due to business need to do a station to do business platform, update their brains, but a brain capacity is limited, the website update progress is too slow, the traffic of the poor, alas! Regardless of the consequence, we are not afraid of others gossip from other web sites to find to delete the head tail cut good pseudo original began, the most important


may be talking about pseudo originality, some people despise the face, face disdain. I am here to say that you are wrong, and there is a good saying: imitation is human nature! No small wooden boat, where to big ship, pseudo original, as long as the original difference, and that is progress. In ancient times, there were hundreds of families, the dregs, the essence of the said. But the original also depends on how you pseudo method, after all our purpose is to put others into their own, and it is getting better, if it. That is when smiling beauty, beauty does not matter, but people spit is bad, then do not dare to look at you article.

first of all, we need to find the source of the fake creation, and the more the better, the more refined and the better. Then find the articles we need, pick up the big scissors, cut the East and West, take the marrow, change a few, or a few, in short, to ensure consistency of content, the effect is better than the original, and that is the best.

, after all, the internet. No copyright protection. There is no basis in the end is not your original. In the course of time in, sometimes it is not in your writing is like you. There are many reasons for this, the network is no boundaries, and no one can clearly know whether their hard work has been pirated. Must be all the operation is too simple, as long as a Ctrl+C can be done.

, for example, there are a lot of similar postings on BBS. Who knows who wrote it? A ID, a few ID, dozens of ID. See the network people familiar raises a hand shot: This is XXX, I read this article in this, it is as if I write and so on.

in fact, no one has any evidence. Who also don’t know what this is not original, maybe people don’t copy from the Internet, but copied from the book? It just copied the fragments or essence? Who is called a the ancients said that: "the world is a big copy?" and copy right who? And even if people can not find the pseudo original evidence will find other reasons, for example: I see you like to imitate the style of Kafka, this is Wang Xiaobao’s style, this is the style of Duras. So you can speak out loud and say, "this is my style. This is what I wrote. It was written by me, and the middle part of it was copied by me, but it was so smooth.". Dare you say it’s not mine?


so, novice webmaster, let us together pseudo original, one day, small wooden boat into big ship, small web site will become big web site.

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