How to maintain the increase of Taobao traffic Taobao operations need to know a few points


shop operation is more and more difficult, many sellers are pulled out of Taobao, the feeling is not a souvenir, because what? Is this Taobao above shop did not achieve the desired results, or directly, that is the owner of Taobao is not profitable, so here we can think of, now Taobao store competition is more intense, the survival of the fittest is often staged show on Taobao.

to do business on Taobao, not to open a shop, upload some baby, then watch series, movies, etc. Finally, the buyers come to buy your baby, so you can make money, you are not holding this model to make money if profitable? Is this attitude, I see you still don’t do it, because you do basically is not purely is a waste of time. If you want to improve your ideas, you can look down.

1, the supply of goods is the most important

a lot of people have asked Taobao to open shop staff said, should pay attention to what? Everybody is going to say this source is the most basic, some people think that as long as there is something on Taobao sales can be, so will this store is a change, finally just a few baby, in the above Taobao to sell. Do you know to buy Taobao above the baby who is holding what attitude? Most people are on Taobao to buy cabbage price of the goods, so that not only the quality is better, the price is also cheaper than the market now needs the above to do that. So before you want to open this Taobao shop, you might as well think about what you have the source of goods, the supply of goods than the rest of the shop above the price advantage?.

2, need good marketing strategy,

, a good strategy is to bring a certain volume to yourself, many people feel that now do the sales in the Taobao above, not only need the supply, but also need our marketing strategy, the marketing strategy of some people in the above do very well with low price or cheap goods the sale to attract customers, but the customer after buying this baby, that is very cheap, will also pay attention to the store and other items, and finally in the original based on the transaction again. That way, there is profit directly on the second list, so marketing strategy is also very important.

3, user group analysis,

if we are said to have a good mind, we can use, for example we want to do a Adult supplies, then we must find some Adult supplies enthusiasts gathering place to do the promotion, or some beautiful pictures in this website hung some ads, as long as the payment to the webmaster some money, you can get a bit of advertising, this will have a large number of people will enter from here every day, as long as we pay some money to.

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