Google is about to update PR want my website not to be zero


website also has about 3 years, just by virtue of their own interest to do, before and after the 2 site, now a continuously updated, one has given up more than half a year, the site of the process, happy things or more, but also know a lot of friends.

remember, the first website is about design, and now has to give up more than half a year, but the domain name can also, so has been still where to put, here does not put the domain name, so as not to say is ad.

at that time, just graduated not long, every time paid to always want to throw money to the website, buy space, domain name registration, and then find the program, change the interface, busy today, for others to see the beautiful interface, without demur to take over a few days to see others beautiful, then all night do interface, so a while after a year.

did not know later in the chat with some friends, they have a lot of income through the website, and then ask them how to make money, the results found that most of them are doing beautiful pictures or website, then is the story of those pictures website, let yourself open a bit and I always feel shy, with my mother live together, she gets up very early every morning to cook breakfast for me, I’m afraid when I update this site, my mother saw, then give up, or continue to engage my interest in web design tutorial class.

now more than 2 years later, has not made any money, of course, only through the design tutorial station received a GG costs, more than 100 to go to take time is still very happy. Now more than 2 years of investment are almost tens of thousands, and income is still so little, but I am still holding on, because I like the site, I want to continue to do it.

in September this year, I started my new website process, in the process, or have been interested in supporting me, I use the new domain name registered 2 years ago, PR was already 4, recently some people say that my domain name is not outside the chain, will be deleted in the PR update and I am also very worried, because this is also I devoted a lot of effort of the website, I hope for more users service. Now this station often receives the netizen’s QQ inquiry, has those resources not to have, I am all happy to solve for them and the service.


PR is updated, I don’t know my website PR is not zero, let my PR keep it, because more than 2 years old webmaster, really not easy!! finally explain my new website is and the men for all fans to provide the best Errenzhuan Errenzhuan the website

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