nternet service grounding personal website bottleneck cold thinking

as of June 2008, CNNIC survey, Chinese Internet users online access has been approaching 100 million. In the first half of 2008 alone, Internet users increased by 28 million. This means that nearly 40% of Internet users are from Internet cafes channels. As China’s largest offline network, here, how the Nuggets have been the focus of attention in the industry.

people in Internet cafes recently quietly found that many Internet cafes have appeared on the computer "play the game" and "movies" and "chat" three eye-catching color icon, just use the mouse to click on the one you want to use the services icon, which will be arranged in a series of related Internet products, including games, movies, music, video, web site, users can not only from the fast selection of products and services they need, and according to the different products and services can also enjoy the exclusive special offer promotions, and simply pay any Internet products to buy.

Internet and Internet cafes created a line of value-added services first, personal website is a lot to the line service, may not be value-added services, the website is just a media, is the carrier of information communication, in terms of the individual owners, is a bridge between owners and customers, who put the site as a whole. Who is likely to encounter bottlenecks in the development of large, the final result is not profitable. This is a All the world knows. in personal webmaster circle, but are not willing to face the strange phenomenon, worthy of individual stationmaster thinking, rational treatment.

when the problem has been highlighted, as chief of not as a result of not profitable point not worthy of the poor, there is no need to get out of "groaning under the environment of market economy is so cruel, you don’t market services, the market also will not let you make the relative service fee. Under the same conditions, whose service can win the market and be favored by the market, the market will also give corresponding returns in the form of rmb. This is also a competition in the process of survival, competition may be individuals, may be the company, earnings will be more difficult, in fact, the webmaster is so difficult.

site construction, promotion, service, profitability, four simple links, please do not lead to the success of the footsteps forever stay on the second step, or that in the second step is not done before killing yourself. When the service into action, the specific communication with customers is also an exploration and the details of the development process, the need for patience and anti frustration ability, is a learning process, of course, experience is accumulated slowly from here. Can the four processes be simplified? A clear answer: NO, there is no shortcut to success.

web services regardless of size, regardless of how much, the key is to do and not to do, the webmaster do service under the line can make the Internet become visible, the website in your customers or visit the group’s impression is not only a local information, but one can help him service agencies or units. The site has become more human because of the presence of human services

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