Use the phonetic catalogue carefully

use the phonetic catalogue


everyone has always thought that the Pinyin directory is very useful for Baidu, but recently, according to my own observations, it seems that Baidu has changed the directory of Pinyin,

I currently have a few stations with Pinyin directory, some of the months of the collection is not ideal, it began to include a lot, and then reduced to 2 pages, has been going on for a long time, the content is absolutely original. But a lot of people to reflect this problem, there is a lot to reduce a lot of included, a new power station test instrument from uploaded to Baidu included with the 10-14 during the day, every day around the spider climb, the last big update was finally put out, only 2 pages, the page has been maintained at 2 not in charge. Maybe the Pinyin directory is too long, too much of the server’s hard disk resources. Baidu reduces the list of phonetic alphabet included. This problem is not an individual phenomenon, so the effect of the phonetic catalog is decreasing. Please be careful with it.

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