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marketing positions or work, data sensitivity, generally there will be some potential requirements. There are times when we often experience delusions of feeling or experience. So data analysis is especially important.

himself usually likes to record all kinds of digital things, such as one month, one day, one day, one point, what to do, and then how long, and what kind of changes have taken place. Remember in the previous company, I have always stressed the importance of data, combined with their own work, in the process of website promotion, will inevitably come into contact with the number of visitors, the number of IP, and the bounce rate, conversion rate, residence time. These are data for the web site itself.

there are also some data outside of the website, probably in the following categories:

, such as indicators of the opponent’s data, and then industry data, market analysis, industry reports and so on. Sometimes, careful analysis, careful observation, you can get an unexpected harvest and better understanding of the form, grasp the trend.

take our own web site data, in terms of SEO this, there are such as Baidu included, the number of related domains, 24 hours included, estimated traffic. The site of the internal structure, through the website of the log, it can not only get the user’s browsing information, can also be more important to understand the spider crawling, the server is wrong, or even can be found and whether the page site code error. And these data through simple observation, web site itself can not be found. Especially for hundreds of thousands of millions of pages of large and medium-sized sites, if there is no good record of these data, analysis of trends, when problems or bottlenecks encountered, do not know where to start.

, for example:

uses Excel form, horizontal row, respectively record "Baidu collection quantity", """, Baidu related domain ", "24 hours collection amount", "snapshot time" and so on, you need to record data factors. The column is used to record the time, especially the main date and some sort of concrete are recorded clearly, so that you can be around 9 in the morning, around 12 noon and 6 PM were recorded once, if 11 pm or 1 PM has no rest (many websites operators this time is really no rest) then, a record of the data. If you insist on a month or two, you’ll have a very intuitive impression of Baidu’s weekly trends. Not just hearsay, small update Wednesday, updated Thursday, Saturday supplement, monthly 26 days update etc.. Through practice, you will have a more intuitive experience. When you have more than one website, these data can give you valuable experience in SEO traffic.

for all kinds of data, personal senses, should start from the macro, correction >

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