The best soft from the hostess to Witkey spent a year

see everyone on the Internet prawns talk hot, I think I should stand up and talk about their story.

I was born in a small village in Jiangxi, where we were very poor, parents rely on farming for a living, a month is always full and hungry is not guaranteed, not to mention the school, in that environment, I did not go to school, but I don’t want to go to a farm with my parents live, I have been dreaming of a chance to escape from this remote village.

in 2003 when I was 19 years old, and finally there is a chance that some foreign tour pal here climbing, the first time I see what is the mobile phone, also saw a lot of brightly coloured clothes, there is a small Zhang sister gave me a beautiful coat, encouraged me to self-improvement, out of a your own way.

to the end of the year, sick parents both died, the people in the village are eager to help the funeral, but the moment I think this world is not what can not lose, I feel despair, I also know to stay in this place never have what ambition, one night, I take a fellow of the donkey, and left the place I was born.

"no, I’ll make a lot of money to show you." that’s what I was, a real girl with a heart full of vanity.

and then the development experience, as many people guess the same: nothing good for me, only by virtue of their beautiful body capital, to the nightclub.

Nanchang this place, at the beginning of what I think are even in this world, China called two class city, for what I do not understand, just like the metropolis.

"my parents are dead, and no one can tie me in, and what I’m going to do is make money desperately."."

I’ve been carrying on this belief and moving around the big clubs. The first important? Perhaps for many people is like a sacred tree, but for me, what else can not abandon


so, on this road, I’ll be gone for 3 years.

because I was very good-looking, but I like this from the countryside, who was a guest of love watch the step. Several guests have been wrapped around me for a while, and I’ve made a lot of money from them. I have thought of making 1 million of my life and then taking it. But in countless nights, I thought, what can I do if I’m not a lady?

in 2006, watching TV changed my life.

in October 06, once watching TV, I heard of Witkey this new thing. At first I didn’t know what Witkey was, but in my mind, it was a job that I could make money as long as I was diligent, and the biggest advantage was that I could make money without an interview and no negotiation, just a computer. >

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