n 2008 Chinese dance station on an even highway

I haven’t written articles, recently put their game for some small station experience to share to everyone! Let us all owners are aware of their role, how to dance in the 2008 Chinese station on an even highway


to talk about this issue: the first intention, cheer for the webmaster, in 2008 the stock market cattle bear on our flat is not important, but for us, the network only bull! See how you will grasp grasp?? personally, do stand is the most important to stick to the end is the big winner! Dance can be said in our heart! Can on the network easily! Second: " " the word is to divert a topic: for the owners often ignore the problem — the game is the fire is very powerful, but really is for the game station service not many people around me is one! One: do a dance to the station (www.zzyo.com), I once wrote an article: how to do 1500IP website a week? This is the fact that each stationmaster net has reproduced greatly. This explains a problem, for the game station around the service station is also very yellow, very violent.

in order to put one above the topic. Also, in order to let more people know how to choose to do station direction? Especially under the personal website where? For one, the power is limited, never do like Sina so the size of the station! There is a taboo is personal webmaster love to do like hao123 station, the station had been eliminated, the best choice is to do the station around the service station! Just game is an example! Another QQ space, I do not know how much to feed the fire station? Mypace, Baidu space is not meant to have arisen around the service station the mass! Opportunity lies in your grasp!

said the topic far! Now choose which game do service station? This is a science, in general, some famous company to push out the game will fire! Do for them is a good choice, but to consider doing the number of stations, it depends on you their grasp! Selection criteria: think twice, once the decision to persevere,


now, how to promote the play station? Game station and the biggest difference is that we can use the other station to promote the game itself, to let you spend the least money to promote your website, as the game QQ horn, if it is a large game, you can directly open a few small figure like on the inside of the union don’t underestimate, this method can bring a lot of traffic. Other promotion is similar to the ordinary station, there is nothing special, also do not want to mention the old saying again,


finally the other does not emphasize, how profitable aspects of game station and other stations are similar, we all think, use your head! Late at night, the head is not enlightened, can’t write out what to stop this!! please cherish my work! Leave me "

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