Don’t mean the heart of a small man the belly of a Baidu


made a careful analysis in not carefully to my station, I hate Baidu more, really, the day before yesterday wrote: "to Baidu but not lost to rivals, I mentioned inside the school network code ranking fourth, first from Baidu rushed to the more than 10 page, I do not have lamented: Baidu you are too narrow-minded!

But when

make a serious analysis of the two station today to me, just feel is his ignorance, is himself with the villain of the heart of a gentleman of Baidu! My Xiaonei code why suddenly from Baidu Baidu ranked fourth to more than 10 pages, this is a reason, before two weeks ago and I added a blog title SEO plugin, blogs should be clear, is equivalent to the word of each article automatic with a classification of the title. During these days, I have every site, want to see what changes, 100 read slowly update station content, update to the original the content, but basically what rank did not change! Why so clever, I just write this article: lost to Baidu but not lost to rivals, ranking down to more than 10 pages. He summarized: first, Baidu big update yesterday, everyone is the time Second: I posted the article on the websites with high power, and accelerated the process of Baidu updating my website. So, just yesterday the decline in ranking is also reasonable, finally! PS: novice rookie best do not take their own hard work station do SEO experiment! Do you also try a garbage station! Or I like to die very miserable!

why my Baidu space code, the station will k? Also carefully analyzed the reasons! Not to grab the Baidu business K! If put yourself on a par with Baidu and! Will see yourself too strong! We are all from the perspective of small! Your station! Is too many keywords too messy too accumulation. I have some articles, a 5 tag! That is not very much, but the keyword density is very high, more than 10%! This should be the real reason is Baidu K! Webmaster friends, when the station was K, the first analysis of the west of their own station speaking again! At least I I now recognize their mistakes!

actually, to be honest, I’m using Baidu myself. Baidu to consolidate his position, must be strict to all stations, so everyone can find their own things to, excessive optimization is of no use, content is king! Everyone in that Baidu is not, in fact all search engines are mainly the same, most of the traffic from Baidu. It is more and more valued the Baidu, Baidu on the basis of a concern! In fact the webmaster want to do stand in front, only to the new station, another point of thinking, if you find what is not quickly find what they need, if it is a garbage station, please don’t waste away! All the time! Don’t put all the webmaster


finally called: webmaster is best original home, if not, then do editorial staff, >

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