Do the station such as life summed up several factors affecting the appearance of the site

website is like a man, the website can not get everyone’s praise, depending on the many aspects of the site, is not able to meet the appetite of most people?. Here I analyze a few points that might affect the site’s popularity.

Is the

1. web site clean?.

Often heard in a lot of software introduced the word

friendly interface, the website requires more, "the beautiful appearance to attract people’s attention, pay attention to" color collocation and other factors, in this respect I think I do better, because we are from a friend to the role of the owners, on the web, you yourself are clear, a beautiful web page to let everyone remember, so will a lot of visitors back. At the same time, they will put the website to tell other people, this is conducive to their website visibility, if an interface disgusting website and a beautiful interface neat compared to the site, we will choose the interface to see the site, everyone think so, so do to achieve beautiful interface.

Ads on

2. site.

filed the ads, you may hate those super pop ads, compared to these ads website put more after visitors will seriously affect the mood, cause no longer into your website, on the other hand, put some public like advertising, people also feel more comfortable mood, so the website will have visitors praise. At first my movie website ( on doing, advertising misplacing, causing serious impact on site visitors, mostly look at the left, now there is this lesson, every advertisement should be careful, do not affect the effect of controversy as well.

The beautification of

3.LOGO logo.

How can

a website to attract the attention of tourists in a few seconds, this is the LOGO skill, good LOGO, you can directly see the main contents and functions of the website, including LOGO URL, station name, icon three elements, LOGO also can’t simply deal with what, to consider your website content, how to let LOGO show you the characteristic of the website, such as "people’s Daily" LOGO is very good, after reading not forget, people’s two words Lenovo to Chairman Mao to serve the people: moral abyss.

4. website wants to care about visitors.

QQ each time when there will be a few warm words let me just to warm and happy, "dear XXX" this a few simple words can deeply grasp the visitors heart, when visitors see the words, will be just to kind, naturally a lot of visitors. Putting these words on the web is not a matter of no concern, and simply makes your website fascinating.

in short, you want to be a human being, do "respect" others, wear "clean" and "friendly" >

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