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website construction is a bad road. Now many enterprise executives received a website, website promotion phone, do not hesitate to refuse, or directly hang up. After all, it’s really annoying to pick up a dozen of these calls every day. Although the price is not the first, but customers often value this. Whoever opens the lower price calls for whom. The design is less and less. The model of a website can cover thousands of stations. The station is rough. The industry’s reputation has declined dramatically. This industry linger in a vicious competition. Believe it or not, that’s the way it is. In Baidu "website construction" "website" such a large number of companies on the Post Bar inside this little besieged several customers. Make a stand of a price. Even down to staggering proportions. No competition in an industry, such as the website construction industry, is so cruel.

on the other side, the real designers disdain in the forum or Post Bar shuabing. So they don’t have any customers, designers are paranoid or lovers, they don’t worry about customers, or they only take big lists.

website construction is a never before industry, less than ten years of development process. There are no examples available for our reference. The situation is really worrying. Placed in the network before the builders have two paths, one to take exercise skills, for some day in the future. Develop and sell a team that is based on industry. Either way around to grab customers on the internet. What kind of person are you? Or are you wandering around? No matter which one, the spirit is always on the edge of collapse.

these two days, Microsoft’s IE8 has been released. The legend’s support for web standardization has led to some hope. Every technical update brings you opportunities and challenges. The upsurge of Web site reconstruction, which is standardized by web pages, is really coming. Whether you love this business or not. He is developing at full speed. Learning, not only backward, don’t complain every day. Opportunities are for those who are prepared. Hopefully people who really love web design can seize this opportunity. If you can’t stand it, you should do other trades. Anyway, live happily ever after.

, AD, my station. Well, let it be. It is harder to stand, but to stand well. Into the ranks of the webmaster, and now so tired, I know, should not have come in.

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