built a little bit of experience on the industry website

construction sites have had some experience, and friends together to buy space, buy a server are done, but I have to do is to do program or modify the program of the working class, not directly on the site promotion, so I’m on the website of the overall planning and construction are not very understanding, I think at the end of last year to engage in a furniture industry website, the reason is very simple, because I now work place, everywhere is the furniture enterprise, the whole area has more than 500 furniture companies, this is my business, so I think the industry website should have a way to engage in furniture, and began preparations for the establishment of an industry website, the following some experience is.

I construction of Xindu furniture networkThe website of

industry and the general entertainment website and literature website is somewhat different, and not to begin the development of traffic and popularity, but the need for specialized information, also is the content of the website, the content of professional is my current headache, because I study computer software, know little about the furniture industry, the fundamental is a layman to do this site, so very difficult, the final could not have at least a very understanding of the furniture industry occupation, we work together to do so. To solve some of the eyebrow so anxious, so to solve some problems, but also there is a big problem, is the timeliness of the information and the accuracy, there is close to our customers directly, is the local enterprises, more than a month, I found the local enterprises to pay attention to the message and as expected, he even did Not caring about international trends, they are concerned about what’s going on around them, so my next job is to get to know the local news. These are what businesses want,.

I also found a problem, although the information development is very rapid, but now the network awareness of these enterprises is very poor, and even can be said to have no awareness of the network, they do not believe that the network of this thing, they need practical significance, which makes our progress is very difficult, but I believe that as long as we constantly improve themselves I believe that these enterprises will recognize our website, we will deal with in the process and in the enterprise, gradually extended their services, better services for the enterprise. This is different from previous web site, I do according to their own wishes to develop a website, and now is according to the requirements of the enterprise to build a website, I need to learn a lot of things, I chose this industry I believe that the future is still there, to see whether to learn long, To be a website, you need a firm confidence and perseverance,.

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