The three step method of Baidu K station

had a Baidu keyword stuffing for cheating was blocked for 3 years, Alexa ranked 000 within the industry portal site to find my way out. They also had, was quickly corrected, but not to be forgiven. Time is not short, the technical staff also changed several crop Legend online as a way of releasing repeated test failures. And the person in charge when chatting, also only helpless and distressed.

I put forward their views and put into action, super simple and free, in no way the case as a dead horse horse medicine do attitude, because even if the failure results can not be worse.

took 3 steps:

played 1. place

Baidu will be in the city every year with agents in the star hotel to pull some business executives to participate in the marketing conference. Of course, we also received the invitation Baidu agents, the Baidu marketing specialist, impassioned, beneath the audience most eager to sign the bill, the open question period is actually criticized Baidu, its potential customers to listen to another voice of blood began to cold. Marketing specialist face is not hanged, but also after the private communication, of course, he had no right closed, but certainly will report.

2. send traffic

canceled all previous ADSENSE ads on some channels. Registered Baidu alliance, Baidu search bar hung, just tens of thousands of IP traffic, but not a few cents, it is cold, of course, is not to make money, just a gesture of surrender, to honor some flow. At the same time also proved that now the site does not rely on Baidu, traffic is not small.

3. request letter

EMS a detailed description of the request letter released, was closed at the same time sequence of events, for. At the same time with the website made by the Ministry of culture, Ministry of information industry, the photocopy of the certificate through the authority and other assorted. The complaint originally had a special mail box, but I chose express mail, the letter is more solemn than EMAIL.

results are sealed for 3 years of the site, a week later began to re included, in 3 months has reached the standard level of normal, part of the key to achieve the ideal level. Can you say it’s not SEO,


of course, the success of this approach may not be able to guarantee COPY., because we outsiders still can not find out its internal processing of specific processes and guidelines. From the technical school, these methods are not looked down upon at all. But if you think of SE as a living person, it’s easy to understand.

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