Personal website development needs to pay attention to three major problems

1, profitability: stick to advertising or another way

current domestic personal website profit way, the vast majority of all through the advertising alliance platform for advertising. Advertising alliance is a win-win program, with advertisers and Adsense good function. In foreign countries, the Internet is more developed, but in China, the advertising alliance still belongs to the initial stage of development.

is now advertising innumerable but the quality is uneven. Due to the lack of supervision in the field of Internet advertising, some alliances still engage in advertising activities without advertising licences. Both advertisers and webmasters are generally lack of understanding of the alliance, and related online advertising legislation is also blank. This was caused by the chaos of the alliance: random deduction amount is already widespread in the "norm", and what is more, the alliance escaped run away "phenomenon is It is often seen. So, often can hear stationmaster complain, partial alliance is buckled, commission is in arrears. Moreover, at present, not only the advertising price of various types of alliances has been reduced, but even advertising has become out of the question. For example, Google Adsense, one of the big web site alliances in China, has gradually cancelled its introduction of advertising……

2, promotion: search engine optimization, where is the road,

promotion is always the biggest problem encountered in the website, although some user stickiness strong site, word-of-mouth marketing, forums and other online media marketing and offline marketing, can also bring some users, but not as good as the search engine brings users more counterparts. Now placed in front of many webmaster problems, website traffic access entrance has been monopolized by the search giant, the website of the reins in fact has been mastered in the hands of others.

small and medium-sized Web site through the search of visitors, is the most convenient and cheap. In addition, due to the fixed search terms, the user groups and site positioning is also consistent. At present, both large and personal sites, the source of traffic, a large part of the search engine is obtained.

But with the popularity of the concept of

SEO, a part of the webmaster by cheating, or mass advertising in the form of "black hat" optimization, in order to ensure the fairness of the search results, search engines have improved algorithms, to punish cheating sites. For example, not long ago, Baidu search engine canceled relevant search next to more content connection, only Baidu’s "PPC" paid users, in order to carry on the relevant keywords search. At the same time, Baidu’s review of the new website has begun to grow longer, which also indicates that Baidu’s attitude towards SEO will be more stringent.

3, PS: search engine optimization,

search engine optimization Search Engine Optimization, referred to as SEO, according to the characteristics of search engine, so that the content of the site for search engine retrieval rules, so as to make their sites in the natural search results ranking, to the promotion of the site.

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