Valuation of over 3 billion Tang Yan’s mobile business empire how to practice

I horse: according to sources, the well-known LBS dating software unfamiliar street plans to publish the prospectus in November 11th, and in December the United States IPO (IPO), plans to raise 2-3 billion dollars, the valuation of about $3 billion.

unfamiliar street is a geographically based mobile social software. Its official website information shows, unfamiliar technology by NetEase former editor in chief Tang Yan created in March 2011, August 2011, officially launched based on the location of mobile social products "unfamiliar street."". Through the unfamiliar street, users can know the people around them; join nearby groups; view nearby messages; participate in activities nearby. You can also exchange places with friends, chat with funny expressions and so on. According to industry estimates, unfamiliar street current user volume of about 1.6-2 million, monthly active users of not less than 55 million. To 12 yuan / month membership fees calculation, unfamiliar street 1 million membership dues monthly income also has 12 million yuan.

late last year, unfamiliar street officially announced profitable start, the main revenue comes from the game, value-added services (members and expressions) and advertising. Public information display, since November 2013, unfamiliar street launched the first game so far, has launched the "Unfamiliar Street Dance Troupe", "Mo Mo hegemony", "Bomb landlords" and other hand travel.

first half of this year, unfamiliar street series of hand travel has long occupied APP Store best-selling list high. "Mo Mo contend for hegemony" on-line a month, get 12 million flowing water, the highest peak estimate single month water flow exceeds 30 million. Through mobile gaming flow realized, unfamiliar street successful turnaround, and today, unfamiliar street game platform still maintain a big stride forward rhythm.

since its inception, unfamiliar street has completed two rounds of financing. In August 2011, it was invested by A of Jingwei venture capital and purple venture capital company, amounting to $2 million 500 thousand. In October 2012, the B round of financing was completed, but the investors and the amount were unknown. Industry rumors, Ali invested $40 million, A round of investment partners Jingwei venture capital additional investment of $10 million, totaling $50 million. However, the relevant amount has not been unfamiliar street confirmed. Another source said, unfamiliar street in May this year to complete a new round of financing. According to this round of financing, unfamiliar street valuation of $2 billion, while unfamiliar street for B round of financing, the valuation given by the outside world is about $500 million, 1 years and a half years, the valuation increased by 4 times. According to the latest report, the valuation of $3 billion in December is 1.5 times as much as six months ago.

on the afternoon of September 28th, the person in charge of the unfamiliar street responded by mail: "about the information you mentioned (reporter note: time to the United States IPO), the official does not make any comment."

August 5, 2014, I dark horse has deep into unfamiliar street headquarters, Wangjing Soho B seat 20 layers, explore Tang Yan’s "mobile social Empire" of the initial heart.

"I talked to Tang Yan, in addition to taking drugs, with the opposite sex."

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