Grassroots webmaster how to choose profitable nternet project

money has been countless Adsense goal, the Internet began to enter our line of sight from the last century, after 90s, a variety of web projects continue to emerge, millions of grid, trademanager, trial net project of the brain for having heard it many times before we have had a great impact. But now the operation of what happens when the project, the webmaster can limit to unlimited meditation, especially like us grassroots webmaster, due to lack of funds, bound social relations and other factors, make the development of our current Internet Project at a loss what to do. Countless attempts to finally become their own failure experience, when others see success, but also restore confidence, try again, this may be a lot of webmasters experienced the Internet road.

However, I think the

funds, or other social relations should not hinder the grassroots dream to make money, a reasonable choice of Internet project, planning their own operational goals, we can reach the goal of profitability, how to choose profitable Internet Project


1. The project must have a good market demand,

some will think this is nonsense, but I think this is the most should remind the webmaster thoughts before the project, some owners can easily be creative, technology and other factors, and the choice of a practical project, but the operation after the discovery of the market does not need the project. What project has the market? The property market in the first half of 2009 the author chose striking one snag after another, Hangzhou shops network project project is launched in one month before the state of the residential property tightening policies introduced, many investors from residential to commercial real estate, and withdrawal, as part of the commercial real estate rental shops, transfer station the sale, etc. the increasing demand, on-line was eager to express their excitement, take a cut a good DIV web page on the line, and put a statistical procedure, the next day, Baidu included, when Baidu keyword search through the day to more than 50 IP, was thrilled I think, I found a market demand of the project.

two, the project must solve the problem for the user

no matter how many ideas, how much of the technology, the Internet as the project itself, the webmaster to regard him as a product, the product must be for the user to solve life, work or learning problems, as the operation of the grassroots project, I don’t think I need to do is very complex, not every project needs to be WEB2.0. SNS and other popular theories and concepts into the project, such as in the design of the network of shops in Hangzhou, the website function is only to solve two problems, one is to help provide Qiuzu rental shops and the transfer of information, the two is to help the lessor to provide publicity platform, find customers qiuzu. As long as the problem is solved, the value of the shop network itself is reflected, the net friend to the site access is through this platform to solve his problem. Rather than come to this shop network to see property news, and even less shops, networks, friends, exchange shop experience.

three, project operation should have focus camp >

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