NetEase charging vip 163 com 188 com to cheat the customer’s full record

last time an American friend asked me for help. Let me ask him to apply for a NetEase charging email. Because there are so many members on the website, I want to send an e-mail to him.


NetEase free mailbox in the domestic comparison fire, users are also many. So, choose NetEase charging mailbox, should be better,

at that time, my friend specifically told me, let me confirm with NetEase customer service, send mail every day whether there is a limit,


customer service informed: there is no limit to the total, each group does not exceed 400

very happy, immediate payment, bought for half a year!


has just begun to use really good, bounce rate is very low


later found that only 7000 e-mails a day could not be sent out. At that time, friends did not care, and thought it could not be sent out. It may be a Sino American network problem.

last Friday, my friend called me from the United States and said that even if he entered the mailbox, he could not send it. This shows: "



NetEase mailbox spoofing customer records

obviously, the NetEase mailbox cheated the customers. In order to help my friend solve the problem, I searched all the places of the 188 websites and didn’t find the restriction.


recently saw a similar article on Admin5, a recruitment company article that was cheated by 188. What

really is!

in fact, NetEase do not need to do so, you have restrictions on the home page, or in terms of writing clearly, people who want to buy, or still will buy.

you can also increase the range of products, such as adding an unlimited delivery product, and the price can be more expensive, so everyone is happy..

, is this a common problem for domestic Internet companies,


and I call customer service, customer service continues to cheat me, say no limit! Customer service think I’m new user!


as evidence, I also recorded the call with the customer service. I want to record + pictures, it should be shown that NetEase is cheating users,


hope you all! Before the NetEase to clarify the facts, we carefully consider the loss of wealth of small things, affect your website or the company’s operation, it is a painful thing!

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