A few tricks to sell your website quickly

recently the local information network more and more, not a developed small town where I was at the same time, there are four local information network, so visible, information network develops more and more strong, there are also many months a year or two business owners complain about website advertising can not sell, or sell there is low, because the site is not popular, web business is not good, this is not to earn money, but some site visits, but still can not sell advertising, or selling price, business advertising revenue, a year down, not the server space costs, not to mention the website publicity expenses.

six months ago, I set up a QQ group, there are local information network station, and many people have talked mostly in order to survive, spit slobber, one of their home advertising actually sold 10 yuan of money, have to say this is a sad, a bit of advertising is not only how much on behalf of the owners of income, but also represents a kind of affirmation of stationmaster ability, some owners even said that no development of the local information network, will have to switch.

I don’t say they are right and wrong, everyone’s ideas are not the same, but since there is still local information network, then he must have his reason, I was a lecturer and webmaster network chat, he said to me, the income of some information network a year can reach over billion yuan, this I did not investigate, do not know if there is no such, but some information network in a year 889, this is absolutely possible. Say so much nonsense, in fact, I just want to tell the local information network still do webmaster, local information network still has the potential to do, information network after the first compensation earned the idea, don’t you put the site well, others will come to you this advertising, you have a good fortune, no investment will not return, this is the eternal truth, the site is too stingy to pull out a hair, but that The need for high management skills and huge amounts of money, summed up in a sentence, "no garbage site, only garbage webmaster."".

, here’s how to promote your advertising on the premise that the site is well managed. First, we should consider from the business perspective, why they came to your website advertising? Because your site popularity, can bring benefits for him, but how can that can bring benefits for him? There is a problem, how to prove in the website advertising can bring benefits to the exact business.

I introduce my methods, selected several good prices and good service businesses in the local area, it is best to just open not much fame, when choosing cooperative businesses to try to choose different types of businesses, because some types of businesses for publicity on the site, some are not suitable, or small, we free publicity of these businesses, we carried out publicity pictures on the website, the publicity. Even the video propaganda, publicity pictures I will not say more, the publicity is the so-called soft Wen, we go back when a customer, a detailed understanding of the shop, and the consumer perspective to evaluate the shop, the shop where the good and bad of that, of course don’t let.

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