Where the network information aggregation of Zhuang Chenchao flow entrance and traffic wholesale


start-up states: where to network founder Zhuang Chenchao traffic methodology

entrance, vertical search, traffic, these can be used as the key to where the network success. What methodology can we look for in founder Zhuang Chenchao?


| Wang Haitian

about Zhuang Chenchao, people think most of where is the founder of the network. What is rarely mentioned is his angel investor status. At present, Zhuang Chenchao has opened investment projects, namely beauty and finance 360: one related to shopping, and one related to borrowing. The two sites and where to go to the greatest commonality, are around traffic and information aggregation business. "This is the methodology of Zhuang Chenchao’s entrepreneurship and investment," one investor told the venture capital."

According to the

travel websites abroad research company Hitwise released the traffic data show that in 2013 January to visit the network where only 12306, ranking the first Chinese online travel website; although before a strong push by TTS cooperation OTA boycott, but after the storm, in addition to elong, most of the OTA are gradually restored and where is the cooperation; once saw where his rival Ctrip, after the return of Liang Jianzhang, and it is also trying to establish cooperation. Founded but seven years, where the network has laid a position in the online tourism industry Jianghu status. Whether traffic or revenue, are enough to make people envy.

this article does not want to analyze where the network grew up, but to deconstruct the methodology of its founder, Zhuang Chenchao. If the beauty attributed to Pinterest’s "China version", that is to melt 360 replica where "". Behind these three patterns, what is Zhuang Chenchao’s logic?

traffic import and flow of wholesale

many people where success attributed to control the flow of "entrance", is a good "flow of merchants": the mass flow to small OTA, click on their access fees and commissions, like a hand to hand. Because the traffic is the user. By this logic where, again to see the other two companies investment — Beautiful Zhuang Chen Chao said, financial 360, is not difficult to find that they implied where mode traces.

traffic thinking. These three sites, the beauty is said to be social shopping guide, and go where, melt 360 such vertical search, although in the pattern of different, but in the flow of this matter, they all have common ground. No need to say where to go, the WEB side’s reliance on Baidu is well known. Beautiful said that although there is the nature of the community, users have spontaneous characteristics, but also rely on third parties to import traffic. Financial search for 360 is a much more niche area, where the reliance on traffic does not go anywhere, as beautiful as it is, but >

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