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includes money, money, money, survey registration code make money, this is called free Wangzhuan stage in three stages in the network to make money. Is these Wangzhuan methods are relatively simple, do not need what technology, also do not need to invest, can be free to participate in, but more tired, spent a lot of time but not to earn what money.

, although there is no website can make money, but through the website to make money is the mainstream method of making money online. It has reached the second stage of the Internet to make money: self Wangzhuan stage, as its is for yourself, rather than work for others. Although the initial may not earn much money, but the nature of the first stage has been qualitatively different. As long as the train of thought is correct and the method is proper, it will be a great success to stick to it. Website to make money, specifically, you can also be divided into single page to do Taobao customers earn money, open independent online shop to do e-commerce to make money.

this method is usually called "Witkey" to make money, the specific practice is in Witkey platform, such as "pig eight quit" Witkey network registered an account, and then on top of the task to do. This method of making money requires you to master certain skills, such as picture processing, web production, etc.. This method is higher than the first method, higher threshold, more technical, and correspondingly higher income, is a more promising online money making methods.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


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because of click on the website, the survey site all support offline deduct a percentage, that is to say, when you recommend others to register such website, you can get certain deduct a percentage from a sum of money. So the more referrals you get, the more commission you get. This method is characterized by the need for certain skills, how much money depends on how strong your ability to develop offline, and some people may not earn a penny, but also earn ten thousand yuan a month.

SEO is essentially a means of promotion rather than an independent way to make money online. But because of the special importance of SEO, especially in the fourth ways of making money on websites, SEO is often used. So here, make money out of SEO and talk it out alone. The biggest benefit of SEO is getting directional traffic for your site. For example, I feel ready to sell underwear, I will do a website, let users search through the optimization of Internet underwear, my site to the front row, the search engine in this way, every day my site will have hundreds of people to patronize.

1, making money by doing time and labor,

everybody Webmaster:
        everybody is good!
        a lot of charm magazine platform client login Yiqifa.
        /> :

        two, the Commission and the calculation standard:
        fee: 0.05 yuan /
        standard: Download and install
    belongs to the effective installation;;     effective installation: a definition computer only one installation, repeat the installation case only records the first installation of ID, ID

        three, the settlement cycle: week settlement.

        four; other instructions:        
        does not allow force to crack the installation of Party A.
        an attempt not to make false installations.
        forbidden to cheat.

        welcome webmaster friends actively apply for launch activities!

2, pull offline to make money,

4, making money by making websites,

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with the development of the Internet, more and more people are not satisfied with chatting on the Internet and playing games, but they want to make money online. What are the ways to make money online? That’s the concern of many beginners. Stupid Wangzhuan nets here are some common ways to make money online:


5 and SEO make money


3, making money through your own technology and wisdom,

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