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Witkey is a model that has arisen in recent years and represents the WEB2.0 model. Its theme is to allow everyone to have their own jobs on the internet. At present, the Witkey network is mainly engaged in two types of business, one is the network of labor, such as looking for someone, find the post website editors for Internet financial personnel and so on, is the equivalent of a network on the labor market, if you have similar tasks to be released, as long as the pay for Witkey and Witkey network, it you have to release information, many people find your contact Witkey, then you can choose one from among them, he is the winner, but also the capital of your task, the general class of Witkey station is to charge a 20% transaction fee, another past fry very prosperous a class of special CCTV station, reported, is the design of the website Witkey, is mainly a single platform for designers.

              if you have company posters or company LOGO or website need to design it, then you can release up tasks, then many designers put their works to the back of your mission, if there are you satisfied with the work. You will choose him as the winner, then you out of the task 80% of the cost of his commission for the task release, this model is far more than traditional advertising companies stronger, because of the low price, 100 yuan will be able to design a good LOGO, another point, that is the design sample. Your choice is. For designers, this is a work platform, as long as the design level of their chances of winning their own good, in this platform is very high, often even in more than 5000 yuan, a month income is stronger than work, the key is to design a large number of personnel work in peacetime in the process, and not so much work to do, so come here to pick up his private life, earn some extra cash.

: the choice of keywords, this is a very important step, select the appropriate keywords because can effectively avoid fierce competition, and learn to use the long tail keywords as the keyword of the website, on the one hand, to avoid competition. On the other hand it can improve the conversion rate of traffic to the site, because Taobao guest website is the most important is the high conversion rate, such as weight loss products of Taobao customers, if do slimming products, then this means that hundreds of thousands of Taobao customer competition, the market is so big, so many people are sharing, even if is an average value you can not earn what money! So you want to make slimming products list that is different, the competition site suddenly lost 90%, and came to your site is to want to buy slimming products, web traffic conversion rate will naturally high

off site production threshold is relatively low, only need to use some free template, apply for a domain name and space will be able to create a Taobao guest website, but the more simple things often means greater competition, which requires the construction site before considering the competition keywords, that is need to do a good job in position to their Taobao guest website, this is a Taobao passenger station preliminary analysis the most important decision you can! This is the key to the success of Taobao customers! How can locate your Taobao

three: set the optimization principle in Taobao off the beginning of construction to begin planning for the site SEO optimization, rather than wait until the construction site successfully put into operation in the optimization, at this time has been left behind by the competition, so in the early analysis of the construction of off site in Taobao to make optimization well, add plans such as original content, the chain for plan and so on.

passenger money effect is now growing, but also want to be a guest of Taobao and is a simple thing, as long as the registration of one of their own account in Ali mother, you can through several ways to become the mainstream of Taobao customers, Taobao customers still need a website of your own, otherwise want to make money by GF link is very difficult

an industry survival fate is not the management mode, operation mode is not, but in the business of customer groups, it is not a market, no customer industry, is not the survival space, because the bidder can bid, resulting in the task out of the price is getting lower and lower. Tens of dollars, a few hundred dollars you want to design a good piece of work, the lower the price, excellent designers to stay less, those who participate in contributors who are some design novices, and this leads to a vicious spiral, the price is more and more low, the work quality is getting worse, this is the law of the market the results of high quality and inexpensive the concept itself is inconsistent with the market rules.

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two: how to choose the shop agent, we all know that Taobao customer is actually a sales staff, if your hand is the sale of popular consumer goods, then the volume will be very high, if you are selling some popular products, natural sales will be very low, and the Commission will be few, also you have to sell there is a brand that ensure quality, even the same type of products, the majority of customers also love to buy the brand, so we must choose the shop if diamond shop, it is best to crown level, then the agent of goods are popular if consumer goods, such as diet products are even more intense. After all, life is getting better and better, obese people are more and more, more and more will naturally need to lose weight slimming products natural pin! The road will be fine,

off site? ? !At present Taobao

Witkey mode so advanced, it should be said to maximize the occupation of the design market, is not their propaganda enough, or this model there are drawbacks,

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