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in the annual meeting of the founding state, in Zhang Wei, Dai Zhikang, Zhou Kui jointly broke the news, the interactive financing process is very clear, vividly presented.

with artificial intelligence, the Internet, big data, cloud computing and other technologies and financial depth of integration, the world is setting off a fintech boom, Beijing in financial technology innovation also showed a strong momentum. Intelligent financial management, big data, risk control, Internet insurance, etc., are hot items in the competition, especially smart financial and Internet insurance, has become a new round of the current Internet financial field.

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Capital Internet banking advantage obvious

, why did Dai Zhikang throw his virginity to Zhang Wei? He said: "many entrepreneurs in China have an attribute."

, two are Dai Zhikang and Zhang Weigang contact mutual disdain. Zhang Wei thinks he is younger than he is, and Discuz does not have much technical content. And Dai Zhikang think, in addition to perseverance, Zhang Wei seems to have no bright spot, age is not small.

uses artificial intelligence technology for smart money driven is leading wealth management 2 times, according to the latest report shows that in the past few years, intelligent investment assets under management from 2012 to 2015 increased to almost zero.

joined under Zhou Hongyi to invest in Zhang Wei

investing in people doesn’t look at things,


intelligent financial management, Internet insurance into entrepreneurship outlet

beat Zhang Wei so hard that he adjusted his direction,

Zhang Wei in Boya fast money, the first to find is Zhou Hongyi, and Zhou Hongyi is Dai Zhikang’s angel investors, just when Dai Zhikang hand have some spare money. So Zhou Hongyi took Dai Zhikang Zhang Wei Zhou Hongyi planned to invest together, voted 2 million for Zhang Wei, but because Dai Zhikang had only 500 thousand yuan, two people each 500 thousand joint investment Zhang Wei, but still accounts for the original agreed shares. Here also reflects the great wisdom of Zhang Wei, not afraid of losing mentality. He said, in fact, whether it is 1 million or 2 million, in fact, little difference, he is looking at the resources of two people and his guidance. From the interactive scene of Dai Zhikang and Zhang Wei can be seen, two people now like a good buddy, Zhang Wei said he is still in Dai Zhikang’s words: "I just impressed both give you a suggestion is not only a value of 1 million." And Dai Zhikang did give Zhang Wei a lot of advice after investing. And the liberal arts interaction in IPO, Dai Zhikang was 500 thousand of the vote, reportedly has harvested more than 300 times the return.

June 28th, fire · 2016 nine rich Chinese and American financial technology entrepreneurship competition in Beijing held the Beijing Railway Station Jiufu headquarters, attracted a large number of outstanding entrepreneurial team competition, including smart money, overseas real estate transactions, Internet insurance, overseas theme of cultural tourism and other fields, the atmosphere is very warm, fully reflects the environment of financial innovation and entrepreneurship active capital. Finally, based on light risk scenarios, providing one-stop Internet insurance solutions to the national bodyguards stand out, won the Beijing division championship.

· burner; 2016 nine rich American financial technology entrepreneurship competition started in May 18, 2016 in Beijing, Zhongguancun Venture Street, which lasted more than one month, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen respectively through three, the influence of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other western, multiple regions, harvest the fruits, the disposal of non-performing assets for the legal platform for finance, idle assets the disposal of trading platform big data, Crowdsourcing and the Internet based finance to buy land, Internet technology and big data technology of small and micro enterprises financing loan intermediary platform this financial street don’t become the division based on the winning project.

Zhang Weigang started his business as an online chat room, when he wrote to Zhou Hongyi and Dai Zhikang on the first page of his business plan that he was "dedicated to defeating group."……" At that time, two people hit by Zhou Kang to no, "we’re desperately against him and put him against Mongolia, he will listen to you" said Dai Zhikang, in the two person’s suggestion, Zhang Weicai did after a visit from the chat room to do the game, start doing Dezhou poker.

in June 28th, the competition returned to the origin of Beijing, as the country’s political, cultural, international exchanges, scientific and technological innovation center, Beijing’s financial innovation, entrepreneurial atmosphere, full of vitality. In the development of Internet banking, Beijing has a solid location, policies, resources and talent advantages, gathered a wealth of financial resources, in policy formulation, industrial park construction, the amount of financing, the number of platforms and other aspects are at the forefront of the country. The development of Internet banking "published in the early 2013, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau Huo Xuewen, to enhance the competitiveness of the financial core" speech, the same year Haidian District issued "on the promotion of Internet financial innovation and development of opinions", the Zhongguancun Internet Financial Industry Park formally established, is the first Internet financial industry park. Jingdong finance, nine rich, Yi letter, everyone loans, building blocks, boxes and other well-known Internet banking headquarters are concentrated in Beijing.

Dai Zhikang is generally known as the original CEO, vice president of Tencent comsenz. But he also has an identity as an angel investor, and his maiden shot was cast to the founder of CEO, a based IPO, who was born in November 12th in Hongkong. In the afternoon of the 27 day, Dai Zhikang and Zhang Wei, Sequoia Capital China partner Kui Zhou three good gay friend in entrepreneur will share his investment and boyaa interactive in Zhou Hongyi’s auspices, including how to "blow" Zhang Wei, how he "forced" to adjust the business direction.

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