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sales terminal R & D success, the original Viggo tribe in Shanghai, Paris, spring and other shopping malls for the pilot, and later a lot of other cities to ask them how to join, want to introduce. But the Viggo tribe refused to join and only worked with local operators. The way of cooperation is that operators pay a fixed machine rental and service charges, the Viggo tribe responsible for machine replenishment and maintenance, of course, with the increase of daily consumption of oranges, the Viggo tribe will be appropriate to improve the operator’s fees. Cooperation between the two sides to build orange warehouse and city logistics, operators generally put machines in shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, high-speed rail stations and other large flow of public places.

a vending machine filled with oranges, from the second half of this year began, and gradually appeared in Beijing, Shanghai, Changchun and other more than 30 first and second tier cities, large flow of public places. This is the "Viggo tribe" fresh Orange Juice vending machine in the slot after only 45 seconds, 5 oranges in the machine will squeeze a cup of Orange Juice, and only 10 yuan.

an orange from the farmers to the supermarket shelves, the price has doubled three times, "the Viggo tribe brand’s parent company, Shanghai giant Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. President Zhou Qi told reporters," the fruit business, logistics, channel, supermarket shelves have doubled up costs, the sales price of oranges." Oranges in these second tier cities in the supermarket, the average price of around 3 yuan, 5 yuan will be 15 yuan. The Viggo tribe guaranteed cheap way is to allow oranges from the origin directly into the sales terminal.

at the end of 2011, the Viggo tribe had a home in Shanghai is placed in a core market is equivalent to the test version of the 5 refrigerator sized vending terminals, in addition to outside Orange Juice also provides a banana milk and Apple Juice sales, to test the fruit juice market. The final data show that the best selling is orange juice.

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, Zhou Qi said, "the number of sales of orange juice in different cities is basically the same

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The main producing areas of Chinese orange growers


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the company signed a long-term agreement with the Three Gorges near 10 to 15 years, according to the production requirements of the Viggo tribe farmers were planted on large scale, through the third party logistics has been covered with orange was sent to the city terminal, which is the most fruit delivery.

, Zhou Qi, had lived in France for 7 years before, when the main job was to make an automatic vending machine for candy, the vending machine. The reason for doing orange juice in the country is Zhou Qi found that candy is not a healthy category, and can not do the whole industry chain, he hopes to have a new category can do. Since the founding of the Viggo tribe in 2009, Zhou Qi’s goal is to make the brand of Viggo tribe become "orange juice Starbucks" from china". In order to remember better, Zhou Qi also directly changed the name of the sales terminal to "5 oranges"".


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