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talks about the reasons for creating a "kitchen", Wang Xusheng said, the choice of food field, first of all because of their own needs. Before making the kitchen, Wang Xusheng had visited many gourmet websites and found that traditional gourmet websites did not meet their needs. "Food is a very emotional thing," he says, and a gourmet website should have a better experience. In addition, at that time, Wang Xusheng in watercress responsible product has entered the stage of normal operation, he began to think about, try new directions.

breakthrough bottleneck: focus on the product itself,

Effect of

early in the product line, the kitchen through watercress and Sina, micro-blog has accumulated a large number of users, and these users have a high degree of activity. These have led to the kitchen team too optimistic about the market form, they believe that under the kitchen do not need to like watercress, public comment, as in the early years to make a long time content and brand accumulation. Therefore, the whole team are more aggressive in method and rhythm work, the focus of the work is more biased in favor of editing and operation. Wang Xusheng admitted, "we are too anxious to find a safe period, and we want to be able to do our own profit and loss, but we do not respect the objective life cycle of UGC."."

on the individual needs and objective environment, Wang Xusheng’s ideal of business must meet three requirements, the first is himself interested in it; followed by his own good things; the key is that it must be mobile first. Based on these conditions, deeply influence Wang Xusheng prefer to do watercress spiritual things, brings convenience and better he hopes the product can be made to the user line of life experience.

at that time, the whole Internet environment was discussing the mobile Internet, people began to see the potential value of mobile Internet, and realized that if only thinking locked in the PC, there would be some limitations. The influence of the whole environment became the objective factor of Wang Xusheng’s creation of "kitchen.".

early in 2011, Wang Xusheng left the work two and a half years of watercress, created a gourmet website, "under the kitchen."". Unlike traditional Internet learning cooking, the kitchen is a tool based community for cooking. This platform also has "bean sauce" type brand, UI succinct, the style is fresh, the user level is also higher.

, I used to say to students: Boeing’s control of the civil aviation industry firmly, its dominance no one comparable.

Economies of scale

however, although most people see at Heathrow and the J.F.Kennedy.Apt Airport’s aircraft is Boeing products, but it only reflects the situation in the past, not the present or future status. Airbus has gained more and more market share, and the European company now has bigger orders and more exciting new models.

described above ignore another important factor. The sustainability advantage depends on the level of commitment to the market and the leadership position in the market. This investment was once characteristic of the international Business Machines Corp IBM, and Microsoft now has this feature. Philip Maurice Philip Morris, Coca-Cola or Disney and other companies have this spirit of devotion. The first priority of these companies is success, and concern about profits is only secondary.

Robert thellin Robert Serling in the history of the Boeing company writes: "Green Walter to head hit the table, automatic speaking said: ‘Oh, these people don’t know the return on investment of this project will be.""

, like all entrepreneurial teams, has encountered bottlenecks during its growth in the kitchen. Wang Xusheng said that the biggest problem ever encountered in the kitchen was the judgment of the growth path in the field of family cooking.


brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

at present, the kitchen has a team of more than 10 people, and most of the staff are in charge of product technology, the reason mainly lies in the kitchen does not produce content, and only do the platform and technical support, set up an online exchange and sharing platform for delicacy lovers.

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