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InstaEDU is an online, one on one, paid video tutoring platform for people over the age of 13, and the main purpose is to help users find an excellent teacher anytime. After the user enters the subjects he wants to learn, InstaEDU will give you an excellent group of online teachers who are from Standford or harvard. Then you can pick a teacher who will confirm it and start teaching in the form of video chat. Unlike other competitors, through InstaEDU, users can always receive services, while it is more personalized, students can interact with real people learning. In addition, compared to regular $50-70 per hour, users study at InstaEDU at $25-45 per hour.


By two university students to do the "interesting finding network"

personally, I like the mode of interesting search, there are three reasons, one is clear

takes "people" and "experience" as the selling point to sell the spare time of key university students such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, and so on. I want to do another kind of "InstaEDU

and I these two days to contact, he made some changes in the InstaEDU model, the formation of a very interesting new mode — InstaEDU sale is "teacher", interesting finding of network sale to Peking University, Tsinghua University and other schools the student "the power of example".

so interesting finding of the network will Beijing University, Tsinghua students time to pack a sale, students can purchase packaged curriculum packages to enjoy the service — including the centralized time to explain a package the continuous time more knowledge, such as questions and so on and the fragmentation of time answering students in WeChat and SMS to issue the time senior consulting. As for the college teacher this end, they only need to set the weekly free date and free time, and the expected price of course, interesting finding of network can automatically calculate the package price, reduce the teachers to apply to join the threshold.


what is the power of example "? In fact, the core value of Qinghua University and other students have them in high school is pro forma way of learning, experience and skills, these experiences can be mentees trust, close, and offline training, teacher counseling agencies to deal. Therefore, the 12 level 93 = = Wang Yue wanted to have the experience of the people gathered together, will sell their spare time out through the Internet, to want to contact docking, excellent teaching experience for senior high school students.

daily news reporter Luo Tian yesterday just concluded the Internet Conference to become SP collective escape rehearsal field. In September 14th, the Ministry of information industry formally issued the notice on regulating the charges and charges of mobile information service business, which increased the difficulty of SP company’s survival. Before the advent of the Doomsday in October 10th, each SP has "downsizing" transformation.

and have a $100 million air network in terms of layoffs is not only go to war, 15% layoffs, the Internet Conference held the day before, even the CFO Gan Jianping to resign. But President Yang Ning seems not to regard it as right, continue to bet on mobile phone business portal. Of course, Yang Ning for its CP transformation also left a hand, the acquisition of mobile game manufacturers mammoth. Mobile phone game has become another straw in the SP transformation. Before the Hurray acquisition of magma, Linktone acquired Beijing Olga unlimited, large SP who have owned their own mobile phone game department.


said that for the K12 field of online one to one video tutor, the more mature case may be the United States InstaEDU. As our previous report said: "


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