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yes, sh419 has launched new projects, sh419’s home page. With the launch of sh419 e-commerce project which is a surprise attack, the sudden explosion in quiet, then expands rapidly. As a result, the various Internet industry sites are talking about sh419’s new projects, big action.

fifth days, before the buyer and find, I hope to get this site buyer contact, or want to buy back, or on the basis of the original fare, let me resell to him. I’m sorry, the transaction is over, and it’s not convenient to contact him. You can contact him when you finish. The other party pays, has already started the transaction, cannot go out

fourth days, has begun to process domain name transfer procedures, second days before the buyers have to find the proposed purchase: "sorry, has sold," the reply did not talk about.

third days met the real buyers, see the information is Chengdu, not too much talk has been talking about, I can feel he is trying to make this website do down from his conversation, because people in Chengdu, I have no reservation directly to what he was, the follow-up work is the Taobao deal and then transfer the domain name.


second days met a sincere buyer, from the conversation can feel very interested in the site, specializing in statistical analysis, but after the bargaining process, let me very angry. Because I have a shot based on the psychological price is much lower than the price, so the price is already very good value, the results of each other directly according to my cheap price for my 60 percent off return, citing a variety of reasons to maintain his price. As a sales company for many years, I naturally understand his ideas, and in the Internet industry for so long, more clear about the value of my own site, so directly back, never want to talk about.

from the beginning of November 8th morning, sh419 has put on a new LOGO, which allows us to think over what festival is not the case, because the people on the LOGO is not representative of what festivals, the only representative is the popular TV series "soldiers raided" the hero in xusanduo. XuSanDuo strong smart affect others, perhaps this is the reason he can figure it on the first page of sh419.

other people say that there will be the first time there will be second back, there will be second back third times, less than a month, sh419 has launched two big action, then the next time, sh419, what will be the big move,

sh419 is famous for its search, once boasted the vertical search is that sh419 search engine can not meet the needs of users operating, presumably sh419 also know this sentence, then sh419 will improve this shortcoming? The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Internet is to see the life-saving straw. Although there are a lot of games in the league, the surface or the essence of it, but sh419 did not have what action. sh419 can not be willing to lonely, just like a company happened to launch the Beijing search www.beijingso, but also put forward the slogan for the Beijing Olympic Games service, they all need for Beijing 2008 big game.

, there are several people with my consulting, before a few people mostly ask price and other basic content go. In fact, when I wrote in a message is very clear or to ask one at , obviously not the real buyers, just want to tentatively ask whether the actual price will be lower than the price in the post, my reply is relatively strong. Such buyers are mostly holding the mentality of collecting cheap, I estimate the value of the site, hoping to buy a lot less than the value of the price, and then trying to sell. Probably not interested in the website itself, so it disappeared when asked about the price.


long ago in the webmaster nets released a website to sell information http://s.bbs.admin5/forum-212-1.html  in order to save time, direct price tag, the price is after careful consideration of the multiple assessment results. Because someone has to buy the price before, but for a variety of reasons failed to clinch a deal. So this price is basically consistent with the value of the site.

on a personal Adsense, sell station a few attention, caused many webmaster resonance. Recent website trading experience, I want to share with you webmaster, so as to avoid future losses in the transaction due. I still insist on my point of view, personal Adsense are not easy, and are also very talented, please respect the work of individual adsense.

, sh419 will improve the disadvantages, and make a life information service of vertical search? This is really not sure, if you really like, estimated Beijing search must worry, worry not on-line is sh419’s momentum pressed down. But what sh419 will be big action, and only Robin Li understand, then listen to Robin Li later shout it……

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