At present several foreign profitable transfer stations are arrangedAnalysis of Taobao 100P hard


this station seems to support only Germany, the flow of Austria and Switzerland, the specific remains to be verified, after all, is a new station,

this is perhaps the most familiar point of address. The minimum amount is $5, and it is paid by PayPal immediately. It has a good reputation.

paid price: $4 /1000 access


payment price: this station is more special, and the commission price you get depends on how many people visit your link, and what kind of ad is being displayed and who is visiting visitor country. $1 per thousand valid displays.

A new profit model in Taobao

the next step is to do outside the chain, updated, or that sentence: diligence and analysis, sometimes a little about the success of others, its essence, to its dregs, and do other station the same idea promotion. Our goal is to bring the weight of the home page, through the long tail keywords, bring the most direct consumer wishes of customers, make full use of each IP, improve conversion rate.

payment: paypal


price: 20 euro


single product is also emerged in recent years, he received a commission by Taobao customer alliance Taobao business promotion of goods in the form of this form, and we do the sales agent is similar, but I don’t have to provide customers with consulting, as long as it is guide users to buy Taobao on the line, simple model, personal webmaster can do. Here I will not say some foggy on the scene, go straight, say I thought and practice center.

site is the site of the station, some HTTP link after processing into another link is very short, the goal is to link your original HTTP link, if you link to a very long, that after this treatment is easy to remember, and some site station support function to make money. When someone visits your link after you have income.

payment: paypal

payment price: 10 euro /CPM

pay time: any

payment terms: paypal



pay time: any time you want to pay will be paid within 48 hours.

your commission depends on the visitor country you are referring to. By PayPal, the minimum weekly payment is only $1, and you can get 20% offline commission.

next, Taobao’s choice of goods is very important, the same IP station, the choice of the mall is directly related to your earnings. The primary factors we choose the promotion of goods is the Commission, here, I’ll give you advice, search in the 30%-50% Commission, generally do lose weight, this kind of skin, basically have 50-100 Commission, considerable. We should also consider the point is that the past 30 days is a total of 1 months to pay the Commission, on behalf of the heat, only high heat that many people buy, it is competitive, based on the above 2 points, the selection of products is relatively good.

paid price: America, Canada, Australia, Britain, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and Holland, the price is $5 /CPM, China price is currently unknown, please know that a friend of me, thank you.


this article is from 115 webmaster

payment: paypal

sees the title, and friends who want to get rich overnight can take a detour. Because the way I say here is: analysis + diligence. In fact, the essence is diligence. Only by maintaining a diligent heart can we continue to analyze the pros and cons. If you are a station diligent webmaster, then please listen to me carefully about the next method.

payment time: any

, the site runs two things: paying ad clicks and joining sales. If someone through advertising and buy click and buy goods, you will get him to purchase goods for more than 50% of the Commission, the alliance is a two floor plan, in addition to your own income, but also can get lower income 1/10


, we have to make it clear that a single product stand, depending on the long tail keywords, so in the early stage of the station, keyword selection is critical. Suggest the number of keywords selected in 1-3 or so, not too much, otherwise it is not good optimization. Keyword selection can refer to the index.sh419 sh419 index, search volume is high, the recent rising faster words are words we can consider, but not necessarily to do these words, some popular words, we will be very difficult for the novice, it says in the popular word, is sh419 search results in the first few pages are some of the big portal or the monopoly of higher weights of top-level domain, this word is not a good choice. Select the keywords, will appear on the page as many keywords, relatively high density, the second page optimization is also very important, the first page is the list of products, not much, 5-10 on the line, also need to make a list of articles, so as to keep every day with new content updates, sh419 snapshot will update.


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