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To C business is: Drainage – Transformation – doing business – building ecology. Taobao, the Jingdong, and so on. The core here is "trading." the index is called "online trading volume"". No amount of online transactions, have not kept pace with downstream of the right to speak, no right to speak, how to build ecological; to have online trading volume, will take great efforts to attract more UV, improve the conversion rate of the first single brains, high price, increase the rate of re purchase.

numerous charges, so many enterprises overwhelmed, it is necessary to significantly reduce the non tax burden.

secondly, take measures to reduce costs. Enjoy preferential income tax levied by expanding the scope of Small and micro businesses, the annual taxable income limit from 300 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan; small and medium-sized enterprise research and development expenses deduction proportion increased from 50% to 75%, do everything possible to make structural tax cuts and further apparent effect.

on the morning of March 5, 2017, the five session of the twelve National People’s Congress was opened at the Great Hall of the people. Premier Li Keqiang delivered a report on the work of the government to the General Assembly on behalf of the state council.

sell good cars, recently in B2B practice more, think more. As I’ve shared before, one of the big waves of the next few years is enterprise services, so share this topic today. This is not popular science article, a few people can understand, to you can help just fine.

Premier Li Keqiang put forward the key tasks in 2017, of which the word "entrepreneurship" appeared 10 times, and "innovation" appeared 21 times. The Prime Minister stressed the need to continue to promote public entrepreneurship and innovation". New shoots NewSeed ID:pelink read the ten major trends and three major alarm.

two is cancelled or the cessation of the central enterprises involved in administrative fees 35, fees to reduce more than half of the remaining items to reduce the charges as much as possible. The country should reduce Sheqi administrative fees.

so the whole world is a process from To C to To B, so naturally, the experience and theory of To C have been heavily imported into the field of To B.

is a comprehensive clean-up norms, government funds, the abolition of urban public utilities additional funds, authorized local governments to reduce some of the funds.

1, enterprise burden reduction

three is to reduce Sheqi management fees government pricing, clean up illegal charges cancel administrative approval intermediary services, promoting the reduction of financial, railway freight and other fields Sheqi management fees, to strengthen the operation and service charges on market supervision.

four is to continue to reduce the "five social insurance and one housing fund" the proportion of payment.

ten big business trends

unfortunately, the To B business was taken by To C to

2, paying attention to the application transformation of scientific and technological achievements

The basic logic of the

Premier Li Keqiang put forward in the report, first of all, we must actively and reliably leverage, and gradually reduce corporate debt to a reasonable level.

, the initial proponent of e-commerce, said, "first B2B, then B2C, and then C2C.". But the real world has gone the opposite way. Without Taobao’s C2C, Ali wouldn’t have achieved anything today.

in March 4th, the National People’s Congress spokesman Fu Ying said that "the development of China media, the development of our economy, the first is the development of enterprises, the downtown pressure on the economy is relatively large, the international environment is not the same, the enterprise is more sensitive to tax, so this discussion is also a little more. Generally speaking, reducing the burden on enterprises involves the revitalization of the economy. This is also the key problem to be solved in the recent reform".

another approach is "matchmaking."". A little while ago, a "B2B trading platform, hand swelling, no bird use" article, the title of writing is particularly good. I still don’t understand it. What’s the value of forcing between the buyer and the seller? If it’s only for "I’m pulling this, so please take an order", that’s too shit. At the same time, a lot of "matchmaking" trading platforms are >

in recent years, China’s scientific and technological innovation has been rapid development, especially in the forefront of Internet innovation in the world. China’s market is huge, >

in fact, a lot of B2B has been going this way for several years, and it has been very hard. There is a big difference between B client and C client, it’s hard for them to buy more through your efforts, and rarely to your supply channel because of your promotion. What’s more annoying is that they are reluctant to tell you about their trading information – – trading information is the life of an enterprise, and not so important to C. So, B can hardly deal with price, it doesn’t really provide you with the template contract – but many said "I only know online trading platform contract" is.

, and everyone’s practice is often to find ways to "trade" up". The method is often "give some money", and the result is that the same order has been brushed several times in the same platform, and the middle cattle have earned enough subsidies. It’s not good for the industry at all.

B2B, from the beginning of e-commerce, and even from the beginning of the Internet has been talked about some people do, but there has been no particularly big improvement. Why? I think that if the ultimate direction of a thing is right, it’s strange, or it’s not the right way, or it’s not time. We’ll look at the two aspects of time and method.

five is to deepen the reform and improve policies, reduce enterprise institutional transaction costs, reduce energy consumption, logistics and other costs. The relevant departments and units must abandon Xiaoli Gu Da Yi, to enable enterprises to create conditions for the formation of new light, China’s competitive advantage.

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