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first, we know that the existing domestic website traffic is mostly from search engines, especially Taobao off site promotion so we must grasp the trend of search engine keywords to Taobao customers. Look at the individual feel superior to the promotion of goods shop promotion and other promotional types from the promotion type, because consumers usually buy things on the Internet is in the search engine or taobao input commodity name rarely entered directly related to store information, enter the shop is more senior Taobao buyers and Taobao shop seller for viewing related shops the sales, so we recommend you try to do the promotion of goods rather than store promotion; from the commodity search traffic look sh419 index, we can find women’s clothing products index is quite large, but also more long tail keywords to do; transformation from Taobao >

we have seen the number of Taobao Ali mother back off promotion goods about hundreds of millions of commodities, commodity promotion, shop promotion, channel promotion, theme promotion, search promotion and so on, so many goods, so many promotion methods we choose? First, tell you to clarify ideas, do Taobao off the money must first know our website traffic is coming from? How come? What are the goods flow easier to flow? What goods flow easily into revenue? What commodity price high commission? With these questions today, with everyone together to analyze Taobao money off.

Through the analysis of sh419

index can effectively understand the total number of search users, most are correct, such as a keyword keyword is 1000, then you are in the first row can receive IP traffic flow around about 200-300 each keyword is not the same, this is my website data, sh419 index can be determined firstly the keyword of the website.

my literary talent is general, the following explains how I can analyze the difficulty of keyword competition, all of them are some small experience, hoping to help newcomers.

The original

believe that we see Ali mother Taobao off the official billboard all Taobao customers earn some people up to a week can earn three, forty thousand yuan is very envy, so we want to know what they are and how to promote, how to do, here we introduce Taobao money off.

three, analysis of the opponent website

is currently the best money when the number of Ali mother alliance Taobao CPS customer money mode, the most direct way is to do SEO, through accurate flow into income is the most effective way of the highest conversion rate, the need to establish the key through several methods, and analyze the key word competition difficulty.

to see the difficulty of a keyword competition, it depends on your competitors’ web site. Open sh419, enter your choice of keywords, see the first page, there are several top-level domain name in doing this keyword. Generally 1-3 top-level domain name is relatively easy to do, 3-5 belong to medium difficulty, more than 5 belong to more difficult to do keywords. If you have the patience or the method, you can do exactly what you want to do. Just stick to it half a year, 1 years, or even 3 years, 5 years, and you’ll always get what you want.

"Taobao" refers to Taobao to help sellers who earn commissions promote commodities formerly known as Amoy. As long as the goods get Taobao promotion link, let buyers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, no cost, no need to take the risk, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%. for more information, you can also visit the A5 Taobao customer exchange section

two, analysis of home page,

, please indicate the are all welcome to a lot of.

at present, Taobao’s promotion is roughly divided into two kinds, one is human flesh promotion, and the other is through the website promotion. Human flesh promotion is actually some of the so-called online shopping expert, with their shopping experience to tell the people around you or users on Taobao which commodity price is more suitable and more suitable for consumers, they through one-on-one communication with consumers or your own blog or group, forum posting, etc. recommend what you want to promote Taobao Jianghu the merchandise for the Commission, this method is quite hard, but the effect is generally not particularly good, here we mainly talk about the site directional flow to promote Taobao products and make money by customers.

so, you can basically determine whether to use a keyword to do the station, hoping to help novice.

keyword selection, to analyze whether to determine the use.

opens the row in front of several opponent’s website, looks at sh419 snapshot time, as well as included and outside chain number. If you do a good job, you can be sure that this site is in the interests of. Whether or not to determine the benefits, you can see the registration time and update frequency of its website. If it is registered a year ago station registration time not in front of the row for short, now update frequency fast, can definitely prove this station to make money. After all, who has nothing to do a non profitable station, persist for a year, and analysis of N multi site concluded: make money station update frequency is very fast, the chain included continued growth; non profitable webmaster time no one to take care of.


1, sh419 index

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