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tell me these I Wangzhuan not earn money, even now I haven’t reviewed advertising but I do not give up. Brain with the current Internet wave is changing, you will not pay attention to when people are kicking you can not swim, you kick into the water, ha ha.

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internet change rapidly created a group of webmaster, this cake everybody looked at the Internet looking forward to a bright future, but the real success has several people? Do not say first what is the definition of success, at least to be breadwinners! According to incomplete statistics, there are more than half of the income in 1000 webmaster Friends yuan, no income accounted for the larger site, what is the reason why we fail? Today Guardian on these vital issues related with everyone.

saw a lot of people on the Internet is also called Wangzhuan, I also echocardiography. Think the future Wangzhuan is promising, but I was wrong. I found a lot of knowledge inside, which I didn’t understand. Please read patiently I will describe the reader, I contacted a year Wangzhuan story.


you may think that the above contents do not agree with the main thrust of this article, but in fact, the guardian will elaborate a point: the problem of poverty and loneliness. In the process of entrepreneurship, the minority after all fight in isolation, is bound to create a team. However, entrepreneurship is a process of failure, and we do not know whether our business will succeed or not. Here, I would like to ask you: if the business failed, our team will be how, their wife and children will be, the team members of the family will be what? These questions have you ever thought?. Entrepreneurship is a beautiful word. If there is no profit in a certain period of time, the team members will make what kind of choice. As the initiator of our business, have we ever thought of

where are our failures? The Guardian says, "failure is what you make.". Everyone wants to be a success in business, yet he faces failure. For other reasons aside, there is a most practical problem I want to ask you: how do you want to go to profitability? This problem many people talked about, is nothing more than a website traffic, is nothing more than projects with the score before going to profit. Does it really work? When a person can not make a profit for a long time, his morale will gradually be lost. I agree with the line of webmaster who said: "at any time, we should take profit as the origin of thinking.". For the early stage of the site, really can not be profitable? In fact, otherwise, to stand in a row, for example, the site always think of profit, but after all, is the early stage, how profitable? Stand a row set an integral: promotion coins. Promotion of currency acquisition is also very simple, publicity, theme sharing, charging >

in 2009 January, it was cold in winter that year, so I stayed at home and didn’t like to go out and didn’t like to go to work. When I see the Internet as a rookie, click Wangzhuan feel right at the time thought in you how easy it is to make money online. I slowly understand the basic mechanism of click Wangzhuan, is with you every day, people work tired not to please, but if you don’t develop limit, day to earn 5 yuan of money, that is tell some fantastic tales. Finally, the result is given up in a short time. Then slowly try other methods, after all, many people still make money online. I can’t help looking at their large bills into their pockets. Contact Taobao at the moment. Although now I also do not do, but I think Taobao is for those who have extreme technology, and writing skills are very good, how extreme? Because there are many Taobao customers shopping websites, how do you make your website talent shows itself is the same? Data, so it depends on your extreme technology. What’s the best thing about reading? The last thing they like is that they haven’t read it for a long time, and they have to read it over again. How many readers can read it patiently?. Write the article like a beautiful woman. People can not withstand the temptation, may be the essence of the article said in the vernacular!. Some people can sell a lot of articles, some people, 100 articles can not sell one thing, 1., you did not choose a good platform, such as the number of visitors. 2., your article is too ad, from the first sentence you know that you are advertising. Although Taobao off I’m not doing but I was watching, so I put the Taobao customer domain used another method which is now Wangzhuan, especially the popularity of the advertising alliance. The main thing is to attract some young people to love and emotional confusion of the group, I feel such a group of people should be a lot of it!.

webmaster poor loneliness, this is always guardian and webmaster friends topic. After all, for the web site, it is difficult to make profit early, can we stand this poverty is a big problem. Today is very cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but many people can not see the day after tomorrow sun. In fact, we do the website, why not, in a short period of time can not be profitable, some of the webmaster friends went to the road to change careers. Because we can’t stand the poverty for a long time, because I can find a job for about two thousand dollars, I can’t keep it up, so I failed. Everybody says to do stationmaster or say to do SEO very hard force, this I agree with. Webmaster is also in the business, in our entrepreneurial process may not get everyone’s approval, including friends or even relatives because we do not make money. This time we can do is what? Fight a lone battle

You have to stand

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