What time you can open the personal network businessThe network is too hard to make money too crazy

the following facts prove:

hey, Wangzhuan, Speechless

concerns stationmaster net two years, from stationmaster net just established to go up all the time, so the article of stationmaster net is casually put forward, I can have an impression. Remember, in the last year, Adsense net with a very prominent pen and ink, in a week of continuous posting, exposing the liar understand the tricks. However, in less than a few months, people actually published a book, but also kept in the Xinhua Bookstore issued, beyond Han Han included in the bestseller list. Today I saw a station in my shlf1314 ads: earning 500 yuan book signing ads, they risk being shlf1314 K point in, did not expect to understand the personal blog. The article in the blog, it’s called "earthshaking". I am a real one, one of which also wrote the domestic SEO master Wang Tong to Shandong, Qingdao looking for him, he and friends with five star hotel’s highest standards of reception. I sweat…… Wang Tong is also, and a liar.


network is too hard to make money too crazy,


dongjunfeng/show-17-1.html Wang Tong went to Qingdao to visit to understand the link, receive five star hotel standard high sweat sweat……

, tieba.sh419/f, ct=& tn=& rn=& pn=& lm=&; kw=%B6%AE%B6%AE& rs2=0& myselectvalue=1& word=%B6%AE%B6%AE& tb=on

dongjunfeng/show-44-1.html understand and then engage in Wangzhuan back training, then sweat sweat sweat……

hard ah! , when can you start a business?

divided, perhaps can be divided into several entrepreneurs:
l                feel that they are stronger than the boss and entrepreneurial;

l         ;       have customer resources;

l                the ability to finance;

l         ;       have dream of getting rich;

l         ;       want to solve a practical problem;

l                without him, only entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

l                in the content of the carrier to make a big breakthrough; blog and video become the mainstream of communication;

l                made a major breakthrough in the content of hezonglianheng, community search and community people’s vision expansion polymerization;

l                a great breakthrough in the subject composition of the content; organize people, books, music, movies, etc. on a subject.

in these breakthroughs at the same time, we note that the main features of the three to promote the progress of entrepreneurs is:

l                the ability to finance;

l             .

Post Bar understand it, he’s revealed to have someone in the crook, the true facts,


brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

dongjunfeng/show-27-1.html understand the links to sell books, Taobao sold that called a considerable fire ah, Khan……

! !

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