The novice webmaster five taboos of Shanghai Dragon

many webmaster in the Shanghai dragon, a little feeling when doing act with undue haste, keyword optimization, in order to make the keywords ranking rise fast, and do some violation of the rules of search engines. Keywords accumulation is the most common mistake of. Without the possibility of forbearance, keywords accumulation is helpful for the website ranking, but in the long term, it is unwise. Take a simple example, in order to let the webmaster keywords inside of an article by the reader’s attention, in an article in a large number of lead accumulation keywords, an article completely lost the readability, then you can for my readers after reading this article will have what feeling, second will see the answer? Apparently not. More serious is the search engine.

: site title and description of a taboo frequent revision

taboo two random accumulation

The title and description of the

website is often make frequent changes in many just contact webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng time error. To me, the first time I believe, for the title of the site and not so concerned, what they think about what. Sometimes I even directly view the opponent’s source code, copy their title, description pasted directly into their own online. When you feel bad single title immediately changed into another. I believe that many webmaster all know that this is a very stupid behavior. As a result, just modify the title to the user, he will think you website is not credible, and frequent modification can lead to site is down right. Secondly, the title and description of copying rival sites is an irrational things, we do not know how long the opponent’s site management, key competitiveness index, if a business for ten years before the site rankings do go up, if we blindly follow, then we may never do ranking. So when we set the title and description of a little good to analyze the index of keywords, flow, competition, once set down after not easily modify.

search engine optimization " Shanghai dragon ", now it has become a hot word on the internet. In the vast network of the sea, about Shanghai Longfeng information inexhaustible, inexhaustible. But the information is not all for us, master the correct operation of Shanghai dragon and stick to execution, for the website you can use four words to express " ", simple; too wonderful for words; say, Shanghai dragon is a can lift a weight of the site, ranking, website traffic is given benefits assistant. It is because of this reason, many of the new owners of the Shanghai dragon just broke the taboo due to act with undue haste or has no reasonable use of it, not only do useful work may also lead to site is down right, even by the K. So the novice webmaster at the start of Shanghai based dragon must grasp Shanghai dragon, know what to do and what not to do. Below you and I summarize several taboos for Shanghai dragon operation easy to make:


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