Which website is search engine included 7 factors

structure of the siteThe structure of

station, misoperation here should be the robots file written, many websites included are playing a part because robots writing error, shield the spider to grab the page.

1:robots file

website design is not reasonable. The design of website structure is unreasonable here compared to the site of the main difference, context details not smooth. Is mainly reflected in the physical structure and logical structure of the web site design structure (URL structure) design is conducive to rapid guide the search engine spiders to grab at the same time, the problem will cause the website structure is not conducive to the transfer between the various pages of the website weight. This will cause the problem of "included.

page element old search engine

unfriendly generally refers to "there are too many not conducive to search engine identification tag elements, each known search engine knows the search engine is a program, he just know text labels like flash, JavaScript, ifrmae, those elements occupy main channel if there is great" may cause "cannot be included.

3 factors:


5 factors: friendly

2 factors: the overall weight of

4 factors: internal chain disorder

done site optimization of Shanghai dragon ER, regardless of the optimization of new or old station, the whole site "by search engines are included in the amount of assessment of a basic indicator of website optimization, and has a lot of ER station in Shanghai dragon net in his tangled web included, what which website is search engine included those factors? Here is a summary of some experience under the fish expert webmasters and their practice.

page repeat here refers to the website’s page content >

domain is not enough, here the expert tell you different weights of fish, spider crawling site is different, the high weight naturally long time, low weight time is short. A lot of low weight of my website home page and inside pages to the basic requirements to the pages included. This is like the nature of animal survival as the strong survive, so to enhance the overall weight of each site’s Web site is included is very necessary.


ER all know that many Shanghai Longfeng authority and the weight of a web page link to another page to improve, this is originally based on a web link elements, but in the chain of web design is necessary condition for the overall planning is also a whole web page collection is full the Shanghai dragon suggested that each ER should be the first to planning in "internal chain deployment, rather than think there chain there.

6 factors: repeated page

domainThe overall weight of Each

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