The recent love Shanghai snapshot disappeared like how to solve


2, new assessment period is not stable. The data show that most page snapshot of lost website, belong to the new assessment period, no more than three months. Just a snapshot of updates is not stable.


website snapshot disappear, nothing more than two kinds of situations: the internal situation, also is the site of their own reasons; the external situation, love Shanghai update, database problems. We have a detailed analysis about the two kinds of classification.

recently met the webmaster about the website snapshot missing questions in each big forum, especially love Shanghai 8.22 algorithm update, this situation is even more widespread, a website I have unfortunately so. Through the observation and analysis of this week, I come to discuss with you under the recent love disappeared like Shanghai, how to solve the


Of course,

1, their opponents or complaints website snapshot. In the past we have not updated snapshot, the use of complaints can be updated to the day. I love Shanghai in order to enhance the fairness of love Shanghai complaints, will temporarily remove the updated snapshot. This case is generally about 12 hours to recover.

site factors, we need to consider whether there is the site of "cheating" sign, whether your Shanghai Longfeng operation is regular, during love Shanghai algorithm update will be re-examine, moreover, most of the webmaster will have more or less cheating operation, or the case of excessive optimization. If the search engine judge for cheating station, it must be K from the snapshot disappear, not far away.

is not so serious, after all is serious drop right even a part of the K station proportion is very small. In the exclusion of this reason, we have to consider is the site of the update and original degree, the chain loss rate, Links health, server stability, web site revision modify keyword description, websites such as its reason. These factors will lead to the site is temporarily down right, thus not updated snapshot, or even the disappearance of the snapshot. But the problem is not, through reasonable optimization in a day to a week can be restored.

3, love Shanghai 8.22 update algorithm. Although the snapshot disappear events and love Shanghai 8.22 algorithm update time approximately coincident. But we can not determine the inevitable.

is more complex than the station factors are caused by external factors of the website snapshot disappear, for many reasons, unable to control. To say a big search engine, there are many servers, databases, and cohesion, each database indexing algorithm is very complex, problems of this huge system, a snapshot of a website is lost, is simply a drop in the bucket.

to present the analysis of the more than 20 snapshots lost the site, resulting in the disappearance of external factors including snapshot of the event:

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