The new station should avoid the mistakes of the Shanghai dragon technique


reverse link: do not believe those who help you promote a massive increase in the reverse link that these people are usually using stations or some query tools to do the reverse link, and do not say these backlinks there is no help for the site, if the new search engine has not been fully trust under the condition of sudden increase the chain, the search engine will think you are cheating, it is worse if the promotion of the black chain to increase the chain, even if the weight of the site up, sooner or later will be K down, think about your pay, it is The loss outweighs the gain. The right approach: new sites included early you should use the original article, should try to cut the keyword polymerization of long tail traffic, after included in the search engine, step by step way every day quantitative increase your backlinks, and add the chain according to a certain proportion; this can do a solid anti chain accumulation.

The accumulation of

keyword: many webmaster friends love when the station adopts frame of key words chosen way on the site, the use of a large area of some popular keywords, and in fact in the inside pages of the site in the article may not be on the part of the key word, this approach is not desirable, the new station is no keyword ranking, the way you disperse the search engine keyword extraction your attention, the opposite, the correct approach should be: the love of Shanghai index or other webmaster tools after the comprehensive analysis of key, select the best keywords, according to the optimal keyword in the related content pages for new sites, if this can be done, will increase confidence in the search engine on your site in order to shorten the review time.

Hello! I am a small shrimp, ordinary owners, is a worthy of the name rookie Shanghai dragon Er, this paper will discuss the theme: new sites should be how to avoid the mistakes of the Shanghai dragon technique, with the correct and efficient way to prepare for the search engine to the site included. The following is entered, we start from scratch:

in the chain: you found? An article to appear at the same time about five words, and you put all the words are added to the chain, whether you add much chain, search engine.

: collected articles on A5 there are countless predecessors told us the original is the development of the engine. No original, no development, many new Adsense site in the early to reach the number of requirements, many crazy collection published, until the number of the past to see when to insist that every pseudo original, I don’t agree to do this, search engine that pre included your article pages but you know most of the search engines will not regularly review, once found a large collection of articles appear on your website (these articles usually collided, has no meaning to the search engine), will direct you to stand down the right, cause you included dropped substantially, so blow your confidence. In fact, no matter how many articles, it is important to the original, but also to stand in the perspective of the user experience of the original, can increase the readability, if things go on like this search engine will fully trust your site.

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