The site is down right don’t worry find the reason of slow change

server stability on the site is also influential, there is the same server on a penalized site may also affect their own site, then the replacement of a new server may make your ranking back. Of course, I recommend the best choice for an independent IP host, and others do not share IP, often these small details can decide the success or failure of the.

6, a wide range of Web site

2, 301 to the new domain name

believe that many Shanghai Longfeng personnel are afraid of site right down to the arrival, which is easy to meet, so the site to drop right, we should first analyze how to operate? What is the website drop right: website down right refers to the search engine for website evaluation level drops, is a kind of punishment on the search engine the website of the. Usually for the website itself to correct the error of cheating, after a period of time will recover.

here is personal experience:

4, reduce the release of the chain number

some people may think, website >

many site is down right because the optimization over the reasons, it is said that still not too much, the chain will also cause site is down right, then webmaster friends should have a clear understanding of the number, can not blindly pursue the chain. Although not necessarily reduce the chain can play what role, but I also have such operations site recovery weight, so try this method.

5, to replace the server or space

1, closed website

3, carefully check the website of Links

Links is caused by the possibility of one site is down right, webmaster friends once found their site ranking out later, will carefully check each Links, have the right to be reduced or not normal snapshot ranking Links are removed. If conditions permit, the best for several normal, ranking content related, the latest snapshot of Links, although this can not guarantee the weight can be restored, but at least can play a beneficial role.

In fact, the weight of

operation method is domain name redirection will be right down to the new domain name, but you can think of a very simple, I will drop the right domain name redirect to the new domain name, the name of the new domain is not will be implicated in the drop right? Actually know love Shanghai officials also have this argument, that is not right down domain redirection to the new domain name. But there are still many webmaster through the way of success. I don’t want to understand exactly why

it is understood that some owners is impatient in site is down right after a long time without ranking, on the angry website to be deleted, after one or two days in Shanghai and found that love can search to your site, but this site has been not see light suddenly. So, when you have long-term website ranking first, don’t delete the site, to test the site closed for a period of time, DNS is also suspended, waiting for rehabilitation.

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